April 29, 2012

So Floored!

a funny thing happened on the way to the bahamas...
ok, maybe not so funny...but it happened anyway!
bee's water heater began to leak...and leak...and...
major bummer.
pergo ruined.
what is to be done??!!

well, rip out all the flooring, carpet and tile
in the almost every room of the house, of course!

yep! every room, save the kitchen and the bathrooms!

rip! it! out!
bye! bye! see ya!

did i mention that Easter was a mere week away?
and, uh, that...Easter was to be at Bee's house??!
no pressure! ;}

ooooops! too much moisture in the cement!
gotta dry that up!

apparently the guys who installed that carrara entry way
wanted it to survive Armageddon!

but it finally did give way!
but not without delay!

almost all their worldly...and other worldly goods had to be stored
in the garage...

bathroom...{pillows and pups...it all makes perfect sense!}

uh...both bathrooms!

and, oh look! the Clampetts have moved in on the patio!

every square inch of it...

absolutely gone to the dogs!
all the fun of moving...without getting that pesky new house!

even the wine fridge had to go!

phew! there she is...right smack dab in the middle of the kitchen!
{good thing too...needless to say...a glass or two of wine was needed!;}

finally! a smidge of progress!

no slacking guys! remember! Easter is just a few days away!

that's better!

it's exhausting work!

slowly but surely...

room after room completed!

sorry girls! mommy has to Bona the floor...which she will be
doing morning, noon and night for-ev-ver! ;}

now to move it all back in...
oh good Lord!

looks a bit of alright, eh??!!

against the furniture...love it!

the sun shining on it!

sets off my tennies well, too!

it was tooooooooooooo much work!

and there was that whole glue-not-coming-off issue...

several days of magic eraser-ing...

every single room!

but in the end, it turned out tres dreamy!

and now that she has this nice hardwood floor...
Bee has decided to resurrect the abundant chintz look
for her hutch. earthquakes? fingers crossed! ;}

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ps. we'll delve into the chintzy hutch soon! ;}


Easter went off without a hitch!

eggs were hunted...

and enjoyed by all! ;}


  1. Beautiful, beautiful. I love the floors, and your decor.

  2. Oh my, I am tired just reading the post but it looks fantastic. Love the dark wood against the light furniture.

  3. M...tell your sis for me that I am crushin' on every inch of her flooded home!!!!! especially now that the new hardwood floor is in!!!
    SShhhhh...don't tell Dale, but I am off to read the hot water heater manual.

  4. you out did yourself!! This post was off the hook good!!!Thanks for the flooralicious
    pictures thoroughly enjoyed them <3

  5. O M G !
    I cannot imagine all the work of moving without the new house is right! At least the spring housecleaning is done. I ot tired just looking at the photos!

  6. ...i can't even imagine the frantic horror of such an experience!
    but OH!! how lovely it all turned out!! i most especially liked how the pretty chairs looked sitting atop the wall shelf ~ lol!
    she certainly made one awesome glass of lemonade out of this situation ~ BRAVO!!

  7. Oh my gosh, I would have freaked. Bee has an amazing home ~ even without flooring. I love the choice they made for the flooring.

  8. I came over from BNOTP - I love the floors! They look gorgeous (I have similar.) Beautiful way to set off all of the white slips and shabby chic accessories. Great job!


  9. Wow, the amount of work involved in that makes me want to go lie down just to think about, but it really is beautiful.

  10. What a terrible thing! Our house flooded too while we were away... Beautiful floors!

  11. I'm sure she would say it was all worth it to get those beautiful new floors! They really set off her light decor.

    Robin Flies South

  12. Wow! That was some experience! but holy moly....does it ever look fabulous! I love the white furniture against that rich, dark flooring! Great job! ;)

    xoxo laurie

  13. Beautiful job, love the floors.

  14. What a job but it looks great! You have our floors now. We love them.
    Thank you for visiting me the other day...I will look for the Crown & Crumpet tearoom when in San Francisco...thank you! Hugs. xoxo

  15. What an awful thing to happen but a blessing in disguise maybe? It certainly looks great now so all that hard work was worth it.

  16. Wow! Your new floors are beautiful!!! We are doing the same thing right now! Everything is piled up in the most unlikely of places waiting for the work to be done. I hope my floor turns out as beautiful as yours!

  17. That house is all sorts of gorgeousness - it makes your heart want to sing. And that baby!

    Dyin over here.

  18. Great job! House looks amazing :) ...love the floor!
    Greetings from Australia♥

  19. Oh my goodness...this story sounds so familiar! My parents went through the same thing when their dishwasher leaked while they were in Mexico! What a hassle it is to go through, but the end result is just beautiful! I love the wood that you chose and how it sets off your gorgeous white furniture!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  20. Oh, could I empathize! A few years back we were sponsoring a church group at a summer camp - had a blast! We came home opened the garage - drive under garage - water was flowing like a waterfall! My husband leapt out ran up the stairs - I could hear him yell, 'it's coming from upstairs!' The hall bath toilet broke - flooding 2 floors of house - we had to use those dryers - to dry the house - enough to melt all my candles. In the end, it was a good thing - new floor, new carpet - just in time to sell the house!
    I love the look of dark wood against light walls and furniture - beautiful rooms now!
    Have a great day,

  21. Your heart must have sank when you saw that. Beautiful job. The guys certainly did a fast job. Are your floors bamboo? About a year ago i put in dark bamboo floors. I love your style. I am just new to your blog. I found it from French Country Cottage. Are your chair and couch from Ikea? I certainly love your pillows also. Are they made from you or did you buy them? I have a few questions to ask you about your place was wondering if you could email me at copp12@hotmail.com. I tried emailing you but it came back undelivered.


  22. So gorgeous- I love your new floors!! What a beautiful home!! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!


love to hear from you! ;}