April 4, 2012

A Plethora Of Pretty!

shut up!
i know!
dreamy, right??!
dreamy deluxe!
tres dreameaux! {i took no french in school...you can tell, no?
oui! no!? ;}

i was recently introduced to JENNELISE ...well, she introduced
herself to me by way of a comment...

and so i popped over to visit her...honest and truly, it
was because of her name...how cute is jennelise??!
{muffin...take note...if #3 is a girl! ;}

and there, at her blog, JENNELISEROSE ...i was met with such
gaspalicious wonders...enough to make one's head spin...you know...
from all the gasping! ;}

charge to 300...

waaaaaaaaaaaaay down upon the swooooooon-y river!

and these shots...gorgeous as they are...go along way in
explaining where all the cool chandeliers in north america
are! share with those of us south of the border, jen!!!

and besides having a cute name, great taste and all MY
chandeliers!...she's a dandy little artist too!

i just have to say, charming...and i am charmed!
look at that detail!

i want EVERYTHING in each drawing! even the rug!!!

so, drop by and visit when you have a sec...
and fall right into her prettily enchanting world!
we all need a good swoon now and then...and again! ;}


  1. "So Pretty"! I am on my way for a visit to her lovely Land of Blog "AND" thank you so much for the hint of direction!!!
    Have a wonderful holiday week,

  2. Jennelise's blog is one of my FAVES! I just about swoon right off my chair every time I visit.

  3. Thanks for the intro, I'm off to swoon a little over at her place!


  4. I know, right? She is phenomenal and she just keeps getting better.

    Thanks for featuring Jennelise!


  5. Amazing images. I too love to find new amazing friends, thank you. Happy Easter. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  6. Eye candy galore! Love all those chandy's!

    Love your new blog header, too, btw! : )

  7. i'm swooning already! "merci" for introducing us to this enchanting gal with an even more enchanting name! I am on my way now....

  8. I love those pillows!

    I've always adored her blog, too. It's one of my top favorites.


  9. Seriously, m- I went over to her blog and said I was going to come back and firebomb you because now I have ANOTHER blog that I won't be able to miss a post on. WHY do you do this to me? Don't you know I have to GET OFF THIS COMPUTER once in a while. (I hear the dryer beeping as I type and I KNOW it means business). Wow- that is one talented gal..and I, of course, signed up to follow her- sigh...Thanks..I think- xo Diana

  10. Soo enchanting ~ I am on my way. thanks and Happy Easter ;-)

  11. Oh what beauty off to take a peek...thank you. xoxo Happy Easter.

  12. So beautiful!!! I am going to visit right now.

    Easter Blessings,


  13. gasping and swooning down the river with you!
    love the new banner! ( i usually read this on google reader and it doesnt shew the banner so if its been up forever and not really new I am sorrry :)


love to hear from you! ;}