April 21, 2012

Its Ok To Be Itty Bitty...Cath Kidston Can Help!

spring has spring...and it's time to change up the
mini-cottage with a little floral finery!
{actually...we just skipped spring and went straight
into summer ;( yuk! }

i guess since i don't have a dollhouse of my own,
i like to pretend a little with the mini cottage...

and spruce it up every now and then.

i makes me happy...i'm weird like that!
{and in SO many other ways too! ;}

so when a certain, SOON-TO-BE-FAMOUS-AUTHORESS sent me
some cath kidston oilcloth...

i just had to do it!

such cottage charm!

lorenzo llama is loving in and plans to move right in!!

pink saturday @ how sweet the sound
Show & Tell @ Blue Cricket Design
Saturday Night Special @ Funky Junk Interiors


  1. What great fun and relaxation for you.So pretty to top it off.-Denise

  2. That is the cutest itty bitty house. Love it.

  3. Love this! Great idea to use oil cloth, I love the stuff, but don't use it. Guess I'm weird like that. Thanks for a "little" inspiration.

  4. I gotta show this to my DIL! She will want to try it for her doll house!
    P.S. I found you on Pink Saturday!

  5. I am loving this little cottage. I have been bidding on a couple of tin 1950's dollhouses today! I am in a miniature mood!

  6. Oh my goodnes! That is so cute! What is it about itty bitty things!? Love it!

  7. Couldn't you just move into this adorable little house? Imagine it all decorated with Cath Kidston linens and dishes! Delightful. Linda

  8. Oh my gosh...I love your little dollhouse! i want to make 2 for my girls and yours are the perfect inspirations! Thank you:)

  9. I hope Lorenzo is very happy there and can find a mate that will adore all the banners! Lovely- xo Diana

  10. That is adorable. I'm thinking of shrinking myself and moving in.

  11. We all need to celebrate itty bitty living if for no other reason but to remind us to smile.

  12. Your little cottage is absolutely adorable and the banner is just perfect. Love this ;-)

  13. Oh my goodness! Adorable! xo oLivia

  14. This is the cutest little cottage, and I just love the way you change the look every now and then by changing the itty bitty banners.

  15. leave it to you to make the cutest little banner with oilcloth scraps!!! SO ADORABLE!!!

    i hope all is goin' groovy, my pal!


  16. Awww how adorable! I just love Cath Kidston!

  17. That is just adorable! Thanks for sharing!




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