April 15, 2012

Apples Of Paper In Settings Of Old...

yep! the napkins live on! ;}
so, if you simply cannot take one more
french ephemera napkin craft...you may
need to tune out...right about now!

ok...i warned you...now you're stuck with me! ;}


once upon a time...
{sidebar: does anyone watch that show but me?
don't you LOVE mary margaret's apartment??! wow! ;}
before pinterest...well, before i found out about
pinterest...i had my own "pinboard" aka my desktop!
there i collected pictures of cool things i liked and wanted
to copy...so, i don't remember where this picture is from...
just that i thought these apples were pretty darn neat-o!

well, today...as my milk and cottage cheese curdled in the trunk
of my car...i got lost in the cheapy trinket section of michael's!
where, low and behold, i spied with my little eye, papier mâché
fruit! i went straight for the apples...i just wasn't feelin' the
bananas and strawberries...but the apples? oh my, yes!
i had a plan, you see!

first step...the patented lazy girl "ease of crafting" doctrine:
eradicate anything that impedes your forward crafting momentum,
causes you to frown{and thus wrinkle! ewwww!} or may be
perspiration inducing!
eg: like i am really going to paint and laminate around those
pesky stems! not hardly! rip 'em out! fret not! we shall shove
them back in later...wait...if i can find them...here, kitty, kitty!

slap-dashery a base coat of white paint on anything you want to
napkinoupage...napkins are very sheer...the white base really
makes your design "pop"! {yes, i really did just say that...but darn,
you can't see my accompanying hand gestures...they really drive it
home! ;}

ok, i'll stop! you all know how to decoupage!

and whether you use mod podge or LIQUID LAMINATE ...
{once again i will rhapsodize about the virtues of this product!
i love it...and...i want to marry it!}

{seriously...you'd think by now, Beacon would be
wanting to sponsor me or something! alas, no...so
i just had to hunt it down...it's not so easy to find...
and buy more! sheesh}

slather apple with product of choice...

affix napkin...

tap in place with brush...

be amazed at your awesomosity!
ok...they are a completely different look than
my inspiration photo...an yet...me likey...mucho!
{if i do say so myself...which i do! ;}

get an apple...and a napkin...and go to town!
how cute would gingham ones be??!
shut up!
i know!
or polka dots!
pass the smelling salts, please! ;}

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  1. Your apples turned out really nice, one of a kind.

  2. Very cool! I know nothing of the product you love and a lot about the other. If I find it and remember that you love it, I'll try it. There. Now that should bring you an endorsement! ☺

  3. I love the black/white on the apple. Very striking!

  4. Very pretty! And since this is the first of your napkin crafts I've seen-I'm not tired of it :)

  5. Your creations are AMAZING and together with your humor makes it over the top awesome!

  6. Oh I love how you altered your apples, Very Frenchy!

  7. These apples are just so fabulous! I will have to look out for these things so I can make some too!

  8. Just recently I purchased some mache' eggs like the apples at the top. Loved them so much and NOW I'm going to try this for myself. LOVE THEM APPLES! YesSIRree! I do! I do!


  9. These are so pretty. I love the napkins you used. What a fun project.

  10. You crack me up--you want to marry liquid laminate:)

    I love your altered fruit!

  11. Wow, I like these! Michaels you say?? And are these the napkins that have the two layers - back layer is white? Do you seperate them? Gotta try this.

  12. You are crafty, love your cute apples. A fun project, thanks for sharing.

  13. Always fun to visit with you. You certainly got my day started with a giggle! I love your apples. Another blog was using Liquid Laminate and I've never seen it in a store. Have fun today and take notes! :D :D :D

  14. Love those.....I've used napkins before but have never seen these typography ones...I need to look harder!!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  15. Love the apples. I too went a little crazy at that bin in Michaels but ine are still naked. You have given me the inspiration to get mine done.

  16. Delicious! I never get tired of those gorgeous napkins!


  17. I love your beautiful apples! Where ever did you find those pretty napkins?

  18. I have wanted to grab those so many times...love how they turned out

  19. Okay-M- I like yours better than the originals! They are soooo cool! Nice job-I hope you remembered to off load your cottage cheese and cream before they curdled! xo Diana

  20. These look great. I just did a similar post using French News Paper. I would love for you to swing by and check them out! Great job. P.S Who gets sick of anything French? :)

  21. I meant to look for these napkins from when I saw your last project, but totally forgot. Now they are in my mind again! This looks great! Love the apples. I think it might be easier for me to decoupage with the bigger surface {over a pear}. These would look so great in a bowl or apothecary jar.

  22. Great project, you make it look so easy! Thanks for sharing, Jean

  23. Great project and you make it look so easy! Thanks for sharing this idea, Jean

  24. One word: DARLING! That is a great idea...now I am off to see what else you have done with these gorgeous napkins!

  25. I love these! They're wonderful!

  26. Oh My what a great idea and these beauties turned out so well, very creative!!!

  27. These are so cute! I have to say your post cracked me up. Visiting from Tuesday Treasures.

  28. What a fun project! Your apples turned out super cute- great idea using napkins for decoupage. Thanks for sharing them!

  29. I just bought four of those apples last week in a shop up in Ventura. They made me think of you and your too cool napkin crafts. I love my apples.

  30. Awesomosity, to be sure!!!!! This is too AWESOME M! Who needs cottage cheese and milk anyway???
    much love,

  31. Love your charming apples.
    I'm a new follower, Mary Alice

  32. These are wonderful. Where do you find those napkins?

  33. Love the apples, specially sitting in the tins.
    Thanks for sharing.

  34. I really like these. I never would have thought of doing that, but it looks great.

  35. Hahaha, I thought for sure I had already commented on these fab apples! I mean, I've had this post open all weekend (hopefully it helps your numbers, haha), not sure what I was waiting for. What a great project!

  36. LOVE what you're doing with those napkins!!! :) (Now I wish I'd saved a pack for myself!!) ;)



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