March 18, 2012


yep! that's it...the genesis.
i saw it on the floor at work {left behind by the ricoh
repairman} and not only did i pick it up...i kept it.
because, scarily soon as i laid eyes upon
it...i knew exactly what i would do with it...

and that is what is called....scarendipity! {the scary ability
to make a fortuitous use of something discovered by
accident, that anyone semi-sane would have thrown
in the trash! ;}
{what is it that MISS FUNKY D always says?
"Pick up trash!"
no wait...
"Love your trash!", yah!
"Love your junk!"
well, i was close...ish... ;}

i also knew that the graphics fairy would be coming
along for the ride!

and an obliging little thing she is too! i
found just what i had envisioned...
in my scary mind's eye!

all covered...hole poked...
onward and upward!

this little vial was all part of the plan...
seriously, it was..."it was kinda like kismet,
but not....if you know what i mean."
{sorry, i have watched sleepless in seattle


{sidebar: Jane wanted to humble me by exposing my high tech
blogging set up...where i sit on a chair by my printer...that's on
another chair...because, as we all know...there's no room on
my table...and naturally the curtain is hitched up over that
other chair because my cats are crazed banshies who basically
run the place! there! now you know!
no marble halls and mirrored skyscrapers, here!

oh, for corn's sake! where was i??!!
yes! yes!
paper feathers...
what??! they don't look like paper feathers to you??!!
yah, me neither!

not like inspiration...

hey...all a girl can do is try, right?
{and then have some chocolate ice cream to ease
the sting of failure...or, uh, just because it's yummy
chocolate ice cream...whatever...}

well, since my faux feathers were a bust...

i added some "real" feathers {that were in varying states of
disarray since my cats had accosted and licked them to a
fare-the-well! bad cat! naughty, naughty! no! oh, well...}

all that just to make a little unexpected tchotchke to put in that
place in your vignette that needs a little somin'-somin!
hmmmmm...if i only used my powers for good! ;}

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  1. M-You are too much! Too much, I say. And, being a person that likes excesses I keep coming back for more. xo Diana ps..I didn't think your paper feathers were so bad!

  2. what a cool little vignette, you've got goin' on here. for corn's sake! for cauliflowerin' out loud!

    if i were a head of lettuce
    i'd cut myself in two
    i'd give the leaves to all my friends
    and save the heart for you

    how's that?


  3. ... "you had me at Graphics Fairy"...

    Hugs, sherry

  4. only YOU...clever girl...could imagine the possibilities in that watchamacallit thingy! what a sweet transformation!

  5. I had no idea where you were going with this, and ... as usual ... very pretty!

  6. Mercy...I am losing my mind...cute vignette....but where is the B? since you were posting for Brag Monday...I see the r a g...but no B! I I said...mind is gone!!

  7. That is really awesome-your creativity is amazing!

  8. Funny AND amazingly creative - what a potent combination - LOVE it - great vignette. x

  9. This was a fun post to read through! I liked the feathers!

  10. I like making feathers out of paper. Had lot of fun. I think yours are more "feathery" if there is such a word. best bunny wishes, Linda

  11. I love seeing possibilities in simple things. Great vignette.

  12. Oh my this is lovely!

    Happy day, happy spring, happy happy everything!

  13. Oh, thanks for this Saturday morning smile!
    Using your powers for good? Well, that all looks pretty good to me!

  14. This just turned out darling! You sound like me, the hubs is always giving me a hard time about keeping something that he thinks should be thrown away. I'm going to have to start thinking quicker though, he's starting to make me give him the specific project I have in mind rather than just bringing it home and waiting for inspiration. heheheh


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