March 28, 2012

The One About Valentine's Day...In March

where did february go?
{and who thought that putting that "r" after the
"b" was a good idea??! ;}'s dust in the wind...and march is almost so...
and yet...the post i had intended to do...the one about
my big sister kae's annual valentine's tea..oooops...
never happened...until now!
what? you haven't been waiting with bated breath?!
really??!! ;}
well, you're getting it anyway since it took
me 2 days to upload 40 plus pictures!
{you think i'm kidding, don't you...}
sit back with the beverage of your choice...
your in for a LONG ride mertle!

it was a fine sunny day...on our side of the canyon...

but, what can i say? when you cross over to the dark side...
i mean, LA county...all hell seems to break loose! ;}
ok, it lasted for like 2 seconds...

bee & i arrived safely to kae's welcoming porch!

{a close-up, for those of you who love the pink adirondie!}

let's skip across the heart-shaped stepping stones and
through her side garden, shall we? let's do!
{ok, no actual skipping took place due to arm loads of
food being hefted and having bosoms, etc... ;}

careful! watch those flag stones! especially if you are wearing
exceedingly high and age inappropriate bright red shoes...i'll
mention no names!

awwwwwwwwwww...look at mr hummy bird taking a bath!
{or possibly he is just wondering what toxins are causing the
water to bubble so??! ;}

oh! praise God! let's take a load off for a sec...shall we? let's do!
phew! {hauling around a bosom whilst precariously balanced upon age
inappropriate shoes can be so exhausting!;}

alas! the ravages of winter! pruned rose bushes!
even the angel is shocked and saddened by the sight!
{...maybe she is just sleeping or really bored already! ;}

follow me! under the arch we go!

{i only took this picture because i was loving that shadow!;}

and see those new raised beds kae's husband just built!
she is ready for anything!

let's step inside, shall we?
let's do!
{can you tell i have been watching a lot of BBC shows! ;}

one toe in the door and already we can feel the LOVE!
well, sort of...
she didn't get me one of those cute farkle-y, jingle-y things!
did she get you one?
i know!

oh my! the table treats are already beginning to pile up!

very valentine-y!

grandparent-chic decor!

but even in february...thoughts of sand and sea are never
very far away!

{hmmmm...not as fun as a medicine cabinet...
but let's snoop anyway! someone has been to walmart, i see! ;}

and what have we here??!
exceedingly high and age inappropriate bright red shoes?
ok, you didn't hear it from me...but when we were leaving,
one of those shoes ended up about 100 feet up the street and
away from its owner...the result of being propelled forward...
as someone was propelled...backwards...ok, that's all i'm
saying...really, i'm not saying another word! ;}

nancy's exceedingly appropriate heirloom finery!
THE coolest things ever!

tea time!
out come the vintage plates!
{kae tells me i bought these for you remember
them? me either! cute though! ;}

{artsy shot ;}

nooooooooooooooooo forks or napkins needed for that See's
candy! gone on one bite! hands off that Bordeaux! it's mine!

oh my! a boy! this will never do!
he must be shuuuuushed away!

{arsty shot! ;}

the white room...

valentine's day just LOVES the white room!

everything looks juuuuuust right!

{cutest tiered server EV-UH from it! ;}

are you sick of this shot yet? ;}
not me! yum!

wouldn't want you to forget it's valentine's day...
not even when you are in the loo!
and since we are headed that direction, let's go see noelle,
the kitty.

better know as satan's crafty minion and chewer
of all things with wooden the mantel for example!
needless to say, she has been banished to the garage for the
day where, in a frenzy of hormones, she is amorously
greeting the highchair! get thee to the vet, vixen!

gratuitous china cupboard shot!


i see it all the time and i still never get tired of gazing into its
chintzy depths!

everyone! hurry! pick your teacup and find your seat!

last minute preparations!

the reason why we have all gathered...SCONES!

ok, and sweets for the sweet too!

wow! not for this though...ack! ;}

{artsy shot! ;}

oh yes, and lots and lots of these too!
and i do mean lots! ;}
{and lots!!!}

no thankx!
why ruin a carb-fest with fruit?

{i ❤ candy! ;}

do you remember all the cynthia hart & john grossman things
that were featured in Victoria back in its hey day? plates, stickers,
calendars! well, we still keep it all very much alive...
especially during valentine's and Christmas! we possess just
that sort of delusional stick-to-ativeness!

how did that get there?! ;}

had enough?
yes! i know you have!
such good sports you have been...
i'll torture you no longer!
but just you be back here in june, and ready for my
st. patrick's day post! ;}

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  1. Totally feeling the love! And good for you for wearing some fun shoes. Who cares if they aren't age-appropriate. ;) Love that pink Adirondack chair for sure!


  2. Don't tell Kae, but I have a plan to move in next week. I am donning a suit of cat hair and impersonating a ferrel cat. I am going to play on her sympathies and then find my way to that GORGEOUS white room and nestle down on the corner of the sofa and live forever!!!!
    Let me ask you you think she has anymore of the valentine cookies hidden away in her freezer???

    I loved this trip to your sister's house and I could go on and on about everything I love about her home. Will you tell her for me how much I love her style? It is beautiful!
    sending hugs your way...

  3. Now THAT"s SOME VALENTINE PARTY!!! I've never seen as many BEAUTIFUL photos in one place in my life (an' that's saying something, 'cause I've been here a LONG time!!!!)
    Wonderful post, thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Maki
    Maki's Little Red House

  4. Thanks for all these beautiful photos. I love the white room. Your sister's home is lovely.

  5. Thanks for taking us along to Valentine's Day tea. I'm ready to take up residence in Kae's house because I love it so much, but I also want to borrow your age inappopriate red shoes. Deal?

  6. You're good for the soul.... I just put up my very long awaited for and, yea, even, promised, garden post from last summer!

    and, clearly I am not living up to my potential for this holiday - hm!!! =/

    Did I mention that you're good for the soul...?

    Have you ever heard the saying, "those who can't laugh at themselves leave the job to others"? Well, I've been far too serious, lately, and you've just given me a brilliant attitude adjustment. I feel like I can just go and skip through my day, now! =]

    and, thank you for all of the bright and cheery pictures - so pretty! =]


  7. Your sister has a beautiful home inside and out! I love her front porch and, yes, thank you for the close up of the pink adirondack chair ~ love it!

  8. Thanks for the belated Valentine's tour at your sister's house. It was worth the wait! Beautiful. I also enjoyed your previous post of gorgeous Easter eggs. Have a blessed day! Pamela

  9. I would LOVE to have been there for that party. I wouldn't wear any red opened toed shoes either because my toes are WAY too ugly! I love everything from the pink chair on the front porch to the all white room. She does it all beautifully! Thank you SOOO much for sharing this with all of us. I am smitten! That girl needs a BLOG...yes.she.does. xo Diana

  10. oh what a fun trip down memory lane!!!
    My red shoes will never be the same!

  11. Wow! What a beautiful home and garden. That hummingbird shot is priceless! You all had such a sweet time! I am so envious! Where DID February go? This year is already going by too fast...okay. That did sound like an old lady but, after all, I AM an old lady! *laugh* Thanks for sharing all the fun!

  12. did you drink some happy juice before this post? I am cracking up, which trust me, right now, takes a bit of humor to do!!
    I love the bosom comments...I can so relate...I didn't know a cat would chew wood....I think I may have a Hart and Grossman print and didn't know it....everything looks so pretty, but her home is always gorgeous...and I should be ready in time for St. Patty's day in June, but maybe, for me, could we push it to August? Pass me some of that happy juice please!!!

  13. What a beautiful home! That is one of the best decorated valentines homes I have seen. Love her pink chair outside--everything is gorgeous!

  14. Oh that was fun! I could sit and look at the white room all day...of course if I were to walk into it, I'm certain that I would spill something, sneeze or rub mascara onto something. I'd be scared to death...but, how gorgeous!! This looks like such a fun party and I loved the way you wrote the post!

  15. Thanks! I need a sister!!♥♫

  16. Love every picture!!! Every one!! I never ever tired of peeking into a china cabinets. Your sister has a lovely home and the food looks divine. Thanks for sharing a ♥filled post.

  17. I love the photos. And that sure is one full to the brim china cabinet!!

  18. What great photos. That sure is one full to the brim china cabinet. Fantastic shots.


love to hear from you! ;}