March 4, 2012

Laaaayyyyzaaaaaayyyyy Boooooooookaaaaayyyyyy...

do you have one or two...or 200 of these around your abode?
me there such a thing as doilies anonymous?

as a "tea" chick...and closet victorian...doilies are a must!
and when you can get them by the bunches in ebay...well,
katie bar the door!

this is my fav!
cutest design ev-uh!
making these is decidedly NOT a lazy girl activity...or skill! ;}
so, i was a-ponderin' my doilies {a decidedly lazy girl skill of which
i am a black belt ninja! ;} and a-thinkin', 'what the heck can
i do with all of them?'...besides shove them back into a cupboard?
you really can't have too many about without channeling that mean
teacher from harry potter!
then i got an idea...albeit, a hare brained idea, but hey, i'll take
any idea right about now!

a bouquet...

i believe that i stated...upfront...that it was hare brained!

oh, come on!
they look flower-like, right?

they never die...and the water never gets that funky smell
that's worse than the inside of a hockey bag!

ok, just call me dow jones...'cuz i think i have cornered the
market on lazy!

oh, come on! they look relatively somewhat similar to a flower-like

well, in my head...they do!

but a delving into all that's "in my head"...
is better left for another day...

ok, so you would probably want real flowers...with the fragrance
and all.
but if the need for a floral representation ever arises...and you
can't get to stater brothers for a bunch...just pop in a doilie!

really, you'll thank me later! ;}

{now please excuse me while i go stick something sharp in my eye,
as i have jury duty life is so full of meaning now! ;0 }

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  1. What a creative use of vintage doilies. Very pretty!

  2. Too cute and creative too...glad you put your thinking cap on...Tiffany

  3. You made my's a cute look! I adore that basket doily...have never seen anything like it before now.

  4. GREAT AND CUTE idea. I think you ought to get lazy more often! Good luck on the eye injury...can you be on jury duty if you are partially blind? xo Diana

  5. I think this is a great idea! I am a doily junkie too :)

  6. You've come up with a great idea! I have lots of doilies sitting in a drawer, hidden from view and this is a good way to display them. Lazy? No, creative, yes.

  7. What a fun idea!! I am going to have to do this in my home! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. What a cute idea! I love vintage doilies! I use them all over the house!

  9. Very nice and creative - my kind of creative. My grandma didn't have a real discriminating sense of color so my doilys are green/brown/orange and red/blue/brown, etc. But I love them anyway - in the drawer.

  10. Thanks for the inspiration, wonderful idea. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  11. Oh you clever chick you! Love your hair brained idea... if a person needs floral fragrance all they have to do is spritz the lace or doily with some cologne or fragrance spray. I'm gonna try this hair brained idea of yours no matter what people say about me... I know they'll see it and go "what a clever clever girl you are, where did you come up with that??" And I'll reply "It just came to me one day!" (okay... I'll give you some credit)
    Thanks for the idea sweetie!

    hugs, Sherry

  12. NOT lazy! CREATIVE! I've experimented with this idea with much less success! ♥

  13. I think this is brilliant! They look amazing and they will never die!

  14. You're onto something here - love it!

  15. I live your doily bouquets. I don't know about Lazy - but very inspiring.


  16. Oh you clever girl! I love your flowers.

    I'd love for you to pop by for a visit. I am hosting a $50 Kirklands Giftcard Giveaway.

  17. I really like the cream ones - and what the heck does one do with a doilie anyway? Bouquets are much better!

  18. What a beautiful picture..excellent idea~

  19. What a cute idea -- I love it!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful images at MM, Mary! xoxo

  20. Much better than putting them all in a cupboard. Squirt them with some Fabreze, and you're all set!

  21. I have a ton of these - so hard to resist - turning them into an eternity bouquet is a great idea - TFS!!!

  22. So cute! And YES...they look just like little bunches of flowers. LOVE them. xo Lidy

  23. lazy, eh? well then how come i miss a few days blogging and you have like a zillion great posts? huh? huh!?

    lovely use of your doilies.

    hope jury duty is going better than expected. is there good takeout for lunch at least? doily appreciation time?

    okay, back to the couch for you!


  24. Great idea for these doily's, yes, I have many of them, now have a new way to display them!

  25. You have a lot of charming, vintage doilies. I framed the ones I have that my mother made. Such treasures.

  26. I love your doilie flowers! I love doilies period, and you can never have enough of them.


  27. What a great idea! I don't have any doilies, but now I'm going to keep my eye out for some! Thanks for linking up.

  28. Hi again!

    I love the neutral ones, they are extremely beautiful!

    Ciao Bella!

    Bella Bliss


love to hear from you! ;}