March 25, 2012

An Ikea Plea-uh...

no, this isn't a plea to ikea itself...for they a
huge corporate conglomeration and it would
only fall on deaf earsendorgens anyway!
{that is the swedish word for ears, right? ;}
my plea is to you all...aka all ya'll...

shut up!
i know!
i would put old books in it...or create a winter wonderland scene
for Christmas...or fill it with shells...
now i have whined about many a thing here...
so much so that this blog should possibly be
but see those framentorgs? 5 x 7...3 for $1.99...
i would slap some chalkboard paint on their backing
and have 3 new chalkboards in two shakes!

alas and alack...there is no ikea close by...
this i know, and have have learned to endure
as best i can {hours and hours of psychotherapy!;}
but sometimes i fall off the wagon...i go to their
website...and the pain is as fresh as the first day i
said the word "ikea"(...and wondered if it was a
hawaiian store! ;)
{such drama, huh? i really should be a writer for
those telenovelas...¡¡aye, Dios mio!! ;}

i just don't understand why the distance between us
should keep us eternally apart! don't these ikeans
believe in on-line shopping? i mean i want these
little glassengrons...{$2.99 for be used a votives,
of course! ;} and i would assume that they would
want me to buy them since they went to all the
trouble to sell them and everything! sheesh!

but NOTHING is actually available on their website!
they want you to waste expensive gas...pollute the
planet...kills trees...promote driving all
the way to their ill-located stores! {i know! the drama!
i am SO into my story i can barely type! ;}
i want these lampenverts...they are glass and just
imagine how cool it would be to cover them with
old letters...or some other ephemera! wow!

but i have to pause...and think, 'no, this is too
illogical...i must be mistaken...i am just a doofus
who is not navigating their site properly!'
and that is my PLEA to you...
tell me how it works...give me insight!
SOME things MUST be available through their
like this frame for $4.99! i love it white...but painted
raspberry, tangerine, turquoise...yum! the details
would really POP! very beauty and the beast!
{be our guest! be our guest!}

there is a feature that i am moronically missing, right?
a feature that refines your search to the items that
you can actually purchase on-line!? so, that you don't
waste A LOT of time drooling over items, that when
clicked upon...merely take you to a "store locator"...
$7.99 for that little naturale or
with a splash of chalk paint...i can think of 101 uses!

so, PLEAse...tell me i am wrong!
i am a mega dork!
i am clueless and shouldn't even be allowed on
the internet forevermore!
share with me the ways of the ikea website that i
am unable to grasp on my own!
so i can buy this adorable planterstrom for $2.99 from
the comfort of my own couch!

{all images ikea }


  1. I feel your pain - oh, do I ever!
    The nearest IKEA is a 45 minute drive, then a half hour wait on the dock for the hour and a half sailing to the mainland, followed by another 40 minute drive. I get there about once a year and LOAD up.
    Just imagine the trouble I'd get into if there were an IKEA in town!

  2. I'm not close to one either, so I feel your painendorf!

  3. I think they do it on purpose. Just so you will get in the car and drove, and see even more little pretties that you must own!

  4. I love Ikea. There is one two hours away so I don't go often. I own the little greenhouse and filled it with some vintage you can see the post here.

    Find the closest one to you and just go. You should see the new things coming in that are vintage inspired.


  5. I went to Ikea wanting to get that first item you posted just a couple weeks ago and it isn't there!

    But that little lacy container thing I bought several of last year and I love them!

    Also, I had spinach crepes last time I was there and they were delicious--I like to go there to eat as much as anything:).

    Sorry you don't have one closer! I drive an hour to go to mine.

  6. Oh- sigh- The closest one to me is 4-1/2 hours away so I have never been. I did not realize that you could not order online though. xo Diana

  7. Oh no! I live halfway between two in Orlando and one in Tampa. How did I live before these incredibly fantastic mind reading places? Yup...I gave in to the charms of those white lace planters. And the picture frame. And the terrarium. But last week the Emaline rosebud duvet set and the white Ektorp sofa jumped into my vehicle and came home with me. Please don't hate me. Come visit and we'll spend the day walking thru two floors of everything you always wanted to touch, admire and adopt.

  8. I soooo get this post, i was on their website the other day and was blown away i couldn't order ONE STINKIN THING!! AAARRGHHH....My nearest Ikea...4 hours away! NO furnitura and achechapeas for me!!

  9. Sadly, the cute little inexpensive doodads you can only buy in the stores., should your area finally get an IKEA as ours did last year, THEN you can do the happy dance, take your pittance with you and come home with piles of cute stuff for not much money. Or bigger piles of stuff for a little more money, depending on your mood and your wallet. :-) Until then, you'll have to be afflicted with IKEA envystatten. Sorry dudette. It is one of inequities of life between the IKEA Haves and the IKEA Have-nots. :-(


  10. But on the upside, at least it isn't your computer skills that are lacking. YAY!


  11. I have the same WHINE about IKEA...I'm currently stuck in Clevetown, OH & the closest IKEA is in PA...a good 3 hour drive away. Having lived in Southern CA for most of my adult life, I was accustomed to being able to stop at IKEA on my way home from work, but not here. I so wish they'd sell their little treasures on line.

  12. Love love love IKEA. Sorry. But they really are all that.

  13. Love IKEA! But there *are* options. Before they built one in my area, the nearest one was 3 1/2 hours away. So we would go there to shop, BUT you could also order things by phone and have them shipped. They used a freight company and to my town it was a flat $150 for up to 20 things on the truck or 100 pounds or something. So people would pool in and order together. Or if you were ordering something big, like a couch, then you would just spring for the freight but load up on other things too. Then they built one nearby and I moved away! So I'm still 1 1/2 hours away, but at least the freight is now only $75!

    I do remember, though, that at the time I lived 3 1/2 hours away, there was something where you COULD order (by phone) from the IKEA that's in City of Industry? And they would actually ship regular packages for regular shipping rates. So you can find what you like on the site and then put in the store to see if they ahve it in stock, then call and order it by phone. Not all stores will do it, but some will. It was 10 years ago, so I don't know of City of Industry does it now or not, but it's worth checking it out!




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