March 3, 2012

The Farm Chicks Are Looking For Lois Lane!

you all know Serena...of THE FARM CHICKS fame!
well, as if we didn't already know she was cooler than a vintage pickup truck!
lucky for us...she is also nicer than your Sunday best!

Serena will be announcing all the JUICY details of her newest
global venture... MY FAVORITE FIND any day now... and
she is offering any, and all of us, the chance to channel
our inner Lois Lane and interview her!
and share it on your blog...
whatever you are into!

pretty cool opportunity! don't you think??!!

so, sprint on over to THE FARM CHICKS for all the details!!
{and tell her Clark sent you! ;}

{all images: the farm chicks }


  1. Thanks, Clark! Would you believe I don't know "Lois"? I will head over there in a bit! Thanks-xo Diana

  2. I'm not sure what that's all about...exACTly but I do know that you're pretty darn funny.....=]

  3. thank you for sharing I'll pop over xo

  4. What fun! Some day I'll get to the Farm Chicks' show.


love to hear from you! ;}