March 15, 2012

A Farm Chick Interview!

can you feel the love?

well, on Monday March'll not only be able to
feel the love...
you'll be able to find the LOVE courtesy of
and her new venture, MY FAVORITE FIND !

so, what exactly is MY FAVORITE FIND ?

Serena was gracious enough to grant me a let's
see what she has to say about her latest project!

m❧ i am so intimidated right now...not that you are are
awesomely down-to-earth! but you are a FARM CHICK!
serena❧ Thank you so much! I'm so excited to get to talk with you!

m❧ what was your inspiration for MY FAVORITE FIND?
Serena❧ Well, I'd been receiving a lot of mail from readers all over the world,
wondering how they could find great shoppes and events in their area and
from others wanting help in promoting their own shoppes and events. I soon
discovered there wasn't anything out there to connect them and decided I
needed to just create it myself. That's really how My Favorite Find came to
be. My Favorite Find is like a virtual show-and-tell. You can search for, find,
and share great shoppes and events such as antiques shows, craft markets,
estate sales and more anywhere in the world, and then show-and-tell your finds.

m❧ how long has this project been "in the works"?
Serena❧ A long time. I spent about a year kind of getting it all straight in
my mind and then went out and hired a team of developers to bring it to life.
It's taken a long time to build as the building of the site was very complex
and contains a lot of logic to make it be really user friendly and accessible.

m❧ has it all fallen into place easily? or have there been hurdles in bringing
your vision to fruition?
Serena❧ You now, the key for me has been in finding the right people to
bring this to life for me. Yes, there have been some challenges, but nothing
we couldn't handle. It's so important to find good people to work with and
surround yourself with.

m❧ will MY FAVORITE FIND take you in a different direction from
Serena❧ No, it's really just an extension of what I'm already doing.
It's all in the same world of what I love and create.

m❧or it an extension of/complement to, all that is THE FARM CHICKS?
Serena❧ Yes! The two definitely complement each other

m❧ with everything else you have going in the world do you
have time for yet another venture?
Serena❧ It all just works somehow. I think when you create balance in
your life, you can make it work. Keep work at work and home at home. :)

m❧ when is your next book coming out? { i know that's off the subject,
but my sisters and i are dying for a new one! ;}
Serena❧ I don't have any Farm Chicks books on the horizon, however,
I am participating in a book by Jenny Doh, along with a few others,
and will have a whole section in the book that will be very "Farm Chicky"!
I'm really excited about it!

m❧thx a million for this opportunity!
Serena❧ Thank Y-O-U !!! xoxox

March 19th! be there, or be...well, you know...{don't make me say it! ;}

and coming from a chick who wears sandals in the snow...
you know you are in for something...well, COOL! ;}

Thank you Serena, for being such a peach!

and if you happen to be in the area...REMEMBER!!!
the FARM CHICKS ANTIQUE SHOW is June 2 & 3!!!

{all photos courtesy of the farm chicks }


  1. Oh- I so need to break out of my blogger box. Do you know I don't think I have ever visited the Farm Chicks? I'm assuming it is a now I suppose I will have one more addiction to thank you for...YOU do start many of my own addictions, you little chicks with teacups on their heads..and then the porcelain birds with their noses in flowers...just are a powerful force here.

    Hope you have a great weekend-I will be doing the grandkid thing! xo Diana

  2. Yay! The cat is finally out of the box!

    Can't wait to attend the show this year! :)

  3. Thank you so much for visiting with me about my new venture. I've loved having this opportunity.
    Love, Serena

  4. The Farm chicks are great. Thank you for sharing all of your fav's. Hugs and happy weekend wishes. P.S>Happy St. Pattys Day

  5. I'm so happy to meet your and your new blog to me, how have I missed you. Farm Chics are a great feature. Great favs. Love your blog, I'm your newest follower. Love your music.
    Happy Spring.

    The French Hutch

  6. I just love her : )
    I am still trying to decide whether I'm going to Farm Chicks in June...or use the money to feed my family? What would you do???
    hugs from me!


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