February 19, 2012

The One About The Napkins...

yes, i bought the COOLEST napkins...evvv-uhhhhh!

and i have been droning on about them in my usual semi-
obsessive way...but...

never sharing where i got them! mean? surly? simply satanic?
the truth is, i just didn't say because they are no longer available...
moot point and all...you feel me? {sorry, i have been watching a
show where every person under 30 uses that phrase...ad nauseum!
and i want to skewer them with fiery darts when they do...but i
suppose changing the channel would be less extreme! ;}

where was i...oh, yes! i have had so many requests and questions
that i figured it wouldn't hurt to tell you that i bought them from
Ruth's THE LIFE BEAUTIFUL shop and maybe if she hears enough
cries in the wilderness...she will restock? well, couldn't hurt to try, right?

meanwhile, if your desperate times are calling for desperate measures...
you can do as Maggie done did and make your own TISSUE !!!
HOW gorgeous is that!


  1. They really are the coolest ever! Hint, hint Ruth! I do want to try making some on tissue paper. I'm freaking though about the tissue paper clogging my printer though!


  2. Yes, that tissue paper looks great, especially as another way to go for that look. That's too bad the napkins are out of stock. How could anyone possibly wipe their mouths on those?

  3. Those are the coolest napkins!!

    Susan and Bentley

  4. That is so cool. Too bad I'm so lazy :( I think I'll just wait to see if the life beautiful will restock ;0
    In the meantime, I would appreciate it if you would quit tempting me with all your darling pics!!!
    hugs from me...

  5. really beautiful! Love your idea...found you at Maggie's blog! I'm a Linky follower now!! And...I LOVE your Tenth Avenue quote! Just saw them in concert and I love them even more!!!

  6. They are amazing napkins! And what you did with them is completely adorable! LOVING that sea star!!!!

  7. love the napkins!!!
    and Maggie's tissue paper.

    blessings and nice to see you again.

    You know you are one of my followers from early on. thanks.

    barbara jean

  8. Love, love, love! Those are the coolest napkins I have ever seen ;-)


love to hear from you! ;}