February 26, 2012

Of Excess, Being Green & Bow-dacious Creations...

today i made a bow.
i know...big whoop, huh?
pin a rose to my nose and all that!
it was just that i was struggling under the burden
of my excess!

this excess!
{not to be confused with my excess which would be my bahookie.
and i don't actually struggle under it's burden...more like it follows
me around...like a u-haul...hmmmm...so much for the 2012
resolution, eh??!!}

and a gorgeous excess it is, am i right?
and WELL it should be...it cost more than a tank of gas...
but with 100% more charm...and 100% less fumes! ;}

so, i stared...pondered...schemed...
had a sandwich...
took a nap...
did a little dance...
and then decided not to paper a room with this excess...
but instead...to make a bow!
aim high, i always say!
{ok, i never say that! i say, "aim somewhere you can easily hit...
and not work up a sweat in the process!" but that's too long for
a bumper sticker...and not super inspirational! so, i just say it
to myself! ;}

if i do say so myself...and i do...i think it's pretty dreamy.
and you know...bows of this nature are not just for the
Christmas presents! people need...and expect...gifts all
year long! and a gift needs a bow...and have you SEEN
the price of some of those pre-made bows?!!
shut up!
i know!
get a life!
it is SO empowering to make your own!
sorry, i think i just channeled gloria steinem there! ;0

well, after all that empowerment and bra burning...
ahem...i felt like MISS FUNKY D and what is that she says?
no, wait, she says, "LOVE YOUR JUNK."
oh well, i was close!

any of you have this strap laying around?
yah...me too...

by now i was high on my vision!
i just knew i could make a bow out of anything!
{well, except a burned bra!;}
fyi...this stuff is a bear to cut! you might say a naughty
word in the attempt...or at the very least, think one! ;}

ok, it looks super dorky here...
and maybe it should be used, uncut, to make a larger bow.

but in real life it looks pretty fun!
and if you had a pal who loved this stuff...she would
appreciate this bow! or maybe just think you were
a crack head...your guess is good as mine!

really, it's cute in person!

and you KNOW i am still using up every square inch of this
spendy fabric! so naturally, i bow-dazzled it!

now, this...i love!
it would look awesome on brown craft paper...
which i don't happen to have at present...but i have
a great imagination...i can see it...it's awesome!

so, what have we learned today?
1} you can make a bow out of anything!
2} if you buy 60+ yds. of expensive cool danish paper....use it!
3} handmade bows are cinchy as pie to make!
4} a cool handmade bow will hide a multitude of re-gifting sins!
5} don't burn your bra...no one really wants to see that!

{ easy peasy bow tutorial HERE! }


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  1. Love these bows! The texture of the last 2 are great and an unexpected treat for the gift receiver. :)

  2. I always enjoy my visits with you. Love all your bows and thanks for the tutorial. Have fun this week!

  3. GREAT bows- Your patience with the "littles" amazes me. Love that spendy material you used. It is SOOO worth it (well, I can say that because it didn't come out of MY OWN checkbook!;>)

    Now, if you have a moment pop by my blog and sign up for my newly coined word giveaway! You will BLOVE it! xo Diana

  4. What pretty bows! The possibilities are endless... ::Jill

  5. I swear you find the best unique stuff! I love that roll of paper ~ whatever it is! Great idea to make your own bows.

  6. You have me laughing. I, too, believe in aiming for what I can hit. These bows are charming!

  7. Here from DIY Showoff and following you now. Thanks for the tut on the one kind of bow I didn't know how to make! Well, possibly there are other kinds I don't know how to make. ~ Maureen
    ps- Jane and I are BFF's too.
    pss - I'm also lazy.

  8. I think I need a magic bow maker! I have no idea what you did to make your bow but it's adorable. Okay I've been MIA lately and just caught up on your posts... the wooden spoons are fab! I love them. Now I've got to find the spoons to make some. I think they're so cute stuck in the napkin for a special token. Keep creating... we love it.
    Hugs, Sherry

  9. Very nice! There is a lot of skill involved in bow making. It is not an easy thing to do! Yours look so very beautiful, but mine seldom look so lovely! I admire your talent! Wishing you well!! Cathy

  10. Well now aren't you the crafty one!!!! Love the bows and the materials you used. I'll never throw away another scrap again.


  11. Love those bows! And the Danish paper - beautiful. Where did you find such a roll?

  12. these are so pretty i will have to try and make some xxx

  13. I love your bows! And I thought I was the only one who hung on to every piece of scrap no matter how small! And please, no bra burning - lol!


  14. Thanks for another great idea. Now I have to try this too.

  15. But they are beautiful bows. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  16. You are just way too creative, those bows are sensational!

  17. The paper you mde the bow from is Gorgeous!!

  18. Great ideas--may as well use it all up--your bows are fabulous!

  19. ...luved reading your story.. kinda reminded me of a Golden Girls episode of the one where they ask Sophia what did you do today.. she replies
    I did what i do everyday.. I bought a nectarine.. Great bow by the way... keep up your humor and good work...

  20. cute bows. wonderful paper!!
    fun post.

    thanks sweet lady.

    barbara jean

  21. Oh my gosh I am pretty much in love with your bows!!


love to hear from you! ;}