January 14, 2012

This, That & The Other...

i'm weeding through the 700 plus shots i took Christmas
morning...boy do i have an itchy trigger finger! i will take a
picture of anything it seems!

i was even making pink vignettes out of things that Santa brought!

i guess i am always "mentally" blogging...even on Dec. 25th! ;}

hmmmmmm...amidst all the pinkness...there appears to be
something amiss in this shot! ;}

Pink Saturday @ How Sweet The Sound

my baby niece put Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus to bed...
you know, they must have been tired after their long
night in the stable!

even the pets get in on the goings on! poor Noelle!

why i keep my day job...
how in the world do you take pictures at night?
{but if you squint your eyes and have a couple glasses
of wine...you'd swear you were in Stars Hollow!}
i should take better pictures by now...but then again
i should be 20 pounds thinner...and keep my roots in
check better...but i need a nap just thinking about that
kind of effort! phewwwwwww!


  1. These are all lovely photos, esp. the last one, fussy lights and all. My favorite is the one with your neice tucking Mary, Joseph & Jesus into bed. I just love that sweet scene.

  2. Great post, had to laugh about the "gun" guide. All my guys are gun enthusiasts. it's how they roll...even at Christmas! love the cozy nativity scene! xo

  3. I loved everythink! My name is Vera I'm from Brazil/São Paulo. Hugs - Vera Moraes - AQUI TEM DE TUDO - www.veramoraes.com.br

  4. You got some wonderful gifts, I really love all things soft pink- and I love the sleeping Holy Family- how cute.
    Smiles, Dorthe

  5. Haha I always love your charming style in writing, so entertaining :) The photos are really pretty, I had to smile about the "Stars Hollow" one. And the one with Maria, Joseph and Jesus in bed is so cute! I used to do that too with my teddy bears in the mornings when I had to get up. I put them into bed because it must have been so exhausting for them to stay awake all night and watch over me ;)

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  6. Ooo! I have that same saucer! Hmmm... Did someone also get a gun for Christmas? ;)

  7. Beautiful collection love how you grouped it, thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday! ~Diane

  8. The picture with the gun book is hysterical! =)


  9. Well, of course, you need to have a nice cup of tea and a lit candle to read about guns! : ) I love that prettied up match box. I just bought a package of them that size and I'll be saving the boxes once they are used up. It looks like everyone had a great time.

  10. Love... especially your "GUN" book... how funny....
    Enjoy your weekend..

  11. Love the pictures. Was the PUN intended on the on the usage of the word shot offered for the gun in hand photo? Just wondering if you were trying to see if we were paying attention.

    What a great post- AGAIN! xo Diana

  12. You sound like me, I'm a pathological picture taker. But I often hear of folks lamenting that they never took enough pictures, hardly anyone laments really that they took too many.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. I think the kids would call that photo of the gun book "photobombing" lol - great photos

  14. Cool stuffs! Beautiful photos. Thank's for sharing:)

    Visiting for Pink Saturday. Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)


  15. That photo is so lovely!! Stars Hollow... Oh YES!! Beatifully taken!
    Love it!

    Hugs from Sweden
    Elin & Emelie

  16. That is so sweet, your niece tucking them all in.


love to hear from you! ;}