January 16, 2012

Pick A Peck Of Pretty Poppers!

i just had to give it a go!
Tink's Tutorial made it look so easy and fun...how could i resist?
{excuse the unedited pics...Picnik does not seem to be working...
at least not for me...so, these shots are au naturel! ;}

you may know Tink better as Elyse of Tinkered Treasures ...
former punk and newly crowned romantic who is giving Marty Stew
a run for her money in the queen of craftiness department!
and her Valentine poppers are featured in the latest issue of Romantic Homes.

now, as we all know, being unprepared is my motto!
hey, it's not something you probably want to aspire to...
just being honest! ;}

when i get the itch to make something...
when my muse wakes up from her nap...
when i have had too much sugar...

invariably, i am lacking many...or darn near all of the basic
bit and bobs i need. case in point: toilet paper rolls.

so make way for improvisational crafting...aka MacGyvering

there it was in all it's glory...
a beautiful paper towel roll, sticking right out of the hefty
bag in my kitchen!

so, i just snipped that sucker into 3 sections!

obviously, my poppers are not regulation Tink size...

but they still turned out pretty cute!

{and you can give the smaller ones to people your only like...
and give the full sized loo roll poppers to those that you actually
love! because, as we all know...nothing says i love you like
toilet paper! ;}

thx ever so for the tute, Tink!
once you get gluing and snipping and tying, you almost
can't stop...well, almost...that is until you remember you
have an as-yet-still-unopened-bag of Hostess donettes! ;}
i have my priorities!

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  1. These are too cute! I love the one with the French paper. =)


  2. Oh the pressure, is it time to start my valentine's decorations? Too cute

  3. Oooh la la ~ or is it Oooh Loo Loo!!??!! Love this idea of Valentine Crackers. If this is what you can do after a nap, I'd love to see you on a true sugar-high!!!! Too adorable for words and for once, I can't decide if I love the pink one best or the au natural ones!!

  4. Holy Schmoley... I haven't even recovered from Christmas......You are one huge step ahead of the game...........Whooopeeee.......and so darn cute too...


  5. You beat yourself up so much, yet end up making the darnest, cutest things ever!!! You always make me smile and most times, laugh right out loud!!! hugs...cleo

  6. aahhh those are lovely, but my favourite has to be the pink one its very pretty and girly. dee x

  7. You did a beautiful job using what you had on hand!! I actually have all of the ingredients to create these lovelies but, unfortunately, am lacking in time. : ( Oh well. Maybe another day. For now, I'll live vicariously thru your poppers!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  8. Very cute! I love them all! I will have to give it a try!

  9. Love the valentine crackers! Can't wait to try to make some. Yours turned out so cute...Thank you

    Love, Jody

  10. Beautiful project and beautiful photos.

  11. oh these are clever...vey clever! to sweet! :)

  12. These are adorable! Love all of the details -- no one would seriously consider taking them apart, right?!

  13. Too cute! Love them! I need to make some of these. I'm always behind for Valentine's Day. Hugs!

  14. So pretty! What a cute idea! Thanks so much for sharing! ;) I'm including a link back in this week's highlights!

  15. M!

    this post is making me GIDDY on so many levels that i don't even know if i can put it into words. loving this post from header to footer and your valentine crackers came out gloriously!

    you rock, my friend!


  16. What a superfun idea, and yours turned out lovely!! Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  17. Yours are wonderful. I love this idea, and I will try my hand at these. I know my family would enjoy this for Valentine's Day.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  18. I've always enjoyed Christmas crackers now Valentine crackers too. Yours turned out so pretty! Smooches and hugs and wishes for a beautiful weekend xo

  19. Love your post - so entertaining *grin* and the poppers are adorable. I was looking for something a little different to send to my grandchildren for Valentine's Day and I think this will do nicely - now where are my toilet paper rolls. Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday to you, Dru

  20. Gorgeous!

    Pink at my page, have a lovely weekend!

    PS. I am now your blog's follower.

  21. oooh love your poppers ! and you can put some fun stuff inside too
    Happy PS


love to hear from you! ;}