January 1, 2012

Just Use It !!!!!

i have things...many things...that i buy and squirrel away for
that once perfect project...the one that occasionally comes along
...with divine inspiration! ;}
unfortunately, those divine crafty times are few and far between!
so, my "squirrel stash" is now about the size of Mammoth Mt.!
do you have room for mammoth Mt. in your home? me either!
in 2012 i'm using it...all...i'm gonna get that mountain down to
the size of an ant hill if it kills me!
{geez! 2012! do you remember thinking how old you'd be in 2000?
wow! where did those 12 years go?! ;}

and i am starting with my vast collection of peat pots!

no painting...

nothing cutesy...

nothing fancy...

and in Garanimal fashion...

their contents are clearly labeled

{with a bit of help from the Graphics Fairy}

i am using them...actually using them...

as basic-bare-bones catch-alls!

for anything and everything...

although they do look pretty cute...all lined up!
that was NOT intentional...i was merely thinking of function...
not form! no time for such things when you are trying to move
a mountain! ;}

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  1. I wish you luck with your mountain ! I am trying to move my own mountain . It's tough going , but it can be done .

  2. Happy new year! One of my goals for 2012 is not buy what I don't need and to use what I have. I went through my craft room tonight and couldn't believe how much stuff is just sitting there. Sigh! Love how you're using your peat pots!


  3. Oh, you are so creative!!! I always love to come here and see the wonderful things that are made from your "mountain!" Wishing you and yours much joy in the new year, Mary! xoxo

  4. Oh, I love the shells! I've have to keep this in mind for some of mine! Got an extra peat pot? heehee! Happy New year! ♥

  5. These are SO cute. I love your photography, too. Keep on moving those mountains!


  6. Loving your mountain, when we left for our lifestyle change we purged and purged 2 households and still have a storage unit filled. Oh my, but I will keep going!! Will watch what we do with our stuff this new year,

  7. Great ideas!!!! You always do!!! Happy New Year!!! Cathy

  8. Yes, I'm going to have to start using what I've got, too. Your pots came out pretty and functional is a bonus!

  9. Happy New Year~ I love the way you have found a use for all your little pots. It's funny but I have been thinking the same thing...that I need to USE UP what I have before I buy more. I, too, have a mountain of stuff...and embarrassing amount really...and so..Thank you for solidifying what was already floating around in my scattered little brain. xo Diana

  10. Nice collection of things. And very well organized using your peet pots. I like it! I think you'd love my friends linky party at The Polohouse, she's doing collections this week. Your post would fit right in. (I'm visiting from BNOTP) http://www.thepolohouse.blogspot.com/

  11. Oh my goodness, you have such great stuff! Surely, you will be inspired by it and not think of it as a mammoth mountain.

  12. These pete containers are so cute! I have a mountain to move this year as well. I need more time to create.

  13. What great ideas! Love the peat pots and what you did with them. I think you've made them look like that's what you had planned all along! This year I'm going to learn to do some things with my buttons. Already collecting ideas!
    Happy New Year!

  14. Just know you're not alone in the squirreling. My "too good to use on an experiment" stash can put your mountain to shame. :)

  15. I wish I could move Mammoth in you home- my son works as ski patrol there!

    Great ideas for those peat pots!

  16. What a lovely idea!
    Happy New Year!

  17. I need to do the same thing! I have just too much stuff that I had grandiose plans for....

    Happy New Year!


  18. Great idea. Use it or lose it!! I have a lot of this to do myself...

  19. I keep moving my stash of stuff around thinking one day I'm going to create something wonderful. I love your peat pots and they are so very pretty.


  20. You are so creative, you will be knocking down that mountain in no time. Have fun! I wish you and your family a very Happy New year!

  21. I'm with ya - I've got stuff too I just need to do something with. Chipping away at the mountain too... (These are adorable by the way)

  22. Love, Love, Loved this idea ~ You are exactly right. Time to use what you have and not squirrel it away (I am guilty of the same thing). Thanks for the inspiration ;-)

  23. Nothing cutesy? Oh dear... :)

    But I love those little pots and they can't help but be cute! Their possibilities are endless! well, maybe not endless... (My boy teases me about exaggerating so much!)

    I hear ya, though. Last night, I thought I'd paint some clothes pins but I have no idea where they are! Boo-hiss!

  24. I love those peat pots! They are on my shopping list for spring. I have a fabric squirrel stash. I have to sew it up before I buy more! Have a fantastic 2012!

  25. What a fabulous idea!! Never would have thought to use those pots for storage! Too cute!!
    Though most of mine will become sweet little creations for my shop!!

    Happy New Year!

  26. I think they all came out adorable :) Thanks for sharing :) (Esp like the clothes pin one)

    Visiting from GraphicsFairy BRAG MONDAY party today :D

    Smiles, Suzanne at WhyCuzICan in NW Illinois

  27. My stash is pretty large, too. I could probably make 300 little girls dresses or 800 patchwork bags with my fabric stash. Just not enough time to use it all! Nancy

  28. Love the Graphics Fairy labels. Perfect!

  29. Such great ideas for the lovely little peat pots, which I always use and then wonder where I placed the last ones. Happy New Year~

  30. Love it! I'm all for using what you have, and this is perfection! Love love love the wine corks! Such perfect ideas for hostess gifts too, I adore peat pots, something so charming and old fashioned about them, wonderful post!

  31. These are soooo pretty! I absolutely luv them! You made me want to dip into my Mt. but now I wanna go to the dollar store and buy some peat pots!!! ;)


love to hear from you! ;}