January 21, 2012

Avoidance, Denial & Artistic Slob-bery...

i do have a dining table...really i do!
i use the word "dining" loosely though since not much
dining ever goes on there!
{ June ...this post is for you! semi-full disclosure! ;}
[the flecks you see are tarnished GGG, i swear! that cat hair
you see...well, that's just plain cat hair...sorry!]

it's THE surface that gets the best light in the house
so it's my staging area/photography studio.

to say that it's piled high with "props" would be an understatement...
to say that every visible and invisible square inch is covered...
now that would be the truth! ;}

for whatever reason i decided to embark on the task i have been
avoiding for...well...forever! call it spring cleaning...we don't really
have spring here so spring cleaning in january works just as well
as april!

maybe i simply had a hankering to refresh my memory as to just
exactly what that table looked like? it's been ages...who can
remember these things??!

so, i started weeding...and separating...and sorting...

and along with all of the above, came a lot of asking, too...
asking myself why!in!tarnation! do i have all these things?

seriously! yes, yes, i am a creative sort and i need to let my muse
lead me where she will...{did that make you gag?! i was attempting
to be artsy! ;}

ok, ok, the real deal is that if i put stuff "away"...i forget that i have it!
i am old and frail...ok, not really, but sometimes i think i can actually
feel the grey matter seeping out my right ear, so i can't put too much
stress on my brain!

"stress" would mean making my self remember just exactly where i put
said bit or bob! i just can't do it...thus...it must all remain at my fingertips!
which accounts for the mounds upon mounds of "props"{read:crap! ;}

{sidebar:these peeps appear to have a mosh pit going!}

sound like hoarder denial to you? yah, me too!

so, like i said, i weeded and sorted and trashed for hours on end!
ok...at least one entire hour...

separating...discarding...purging...in the vain attempt to liberate
my table...from, well...me.

and i still ended up with all this mess!
do i put it in shoe boxes?
zip lock bags?

and for corn sake! i hadn't even started on the other end of the
table! {it's a very long table! ;} what's to be done with me?

i know...the problem is me...and my slobbery!

for now, i am exhausted and in need of carbs and sugar...
and fatty foods! {they clear my head!} i will think about all
this again tomorrow...
at Tara!

{Lorenzo LLama wasn't there to help....just to gloat! look at that smirk!}


  1. Too funny! Your table sounds like my dinning table!


  2. Your slobbery is divine. It's so hard to let go of such pretty things!



  3. We NEEEEEED our stuff!!! I bet most of us bloggers have a dining table just like yours!!

  4. I'm so glad you mentioned Lorenzo, I thought maybe I had imagined him there!

  5. Organizing your art supplies is a never ending process!! I've been trying to do that this week, sigh…. Laura

  6. That must be one very big dining room table!

  7. I love your glittered little pots, and I love Lorenzo, and every bit in between- AND my table looks like yours.

  8. I have a different table, and different stuff, but the exact same problem!

  9. See, now, I would have been distracted very easily by this and started seeing how this and that would look good together. In fact, I probably would have been creating while I was supposed to be cleaning this all up! : )

    I went to Walmart, when we moved and I got an actual room to use {it's supposed to be a storage room and I share it with the 'mechanicals'}, and got the clear storage drawers so I could see what I had in them. Out of sight out of mind definitely applies to me! And just to be sure I knew what was where, I even used the Brother label maker to label the drawers!

  10. I always try to leave thoughtful - real - genuine - unique types of comments but the only thing that I can think to say, after following you along for a couple of months is, "I just love you blog!" Drat! Don't glaze over, please - I'm sure that you've heard it before.;) It's just the honest thing that comes to mind, every time I come. So, I think that I'll just float along and giggle and laugh and smile and relate to you and your down-to-earthiness and leave it at that.

    thanks for sharing yourself with us!

    Moooost sincerely,

    Katy Noelle

  11. Just NORMAL is what that all is. Maybe you were a teacher in another life! I have personal experience with that sort of collecting, too. So double your stash, maybe triple it and you'll understand MY dilemma!♥♫

  12. It might be lots of bits and pieces, but they are all pretty - and that is what counts.

    I sent you an e-mail, and I hope to hear from you soon.♥

  13. SO glad you came clean just to make me feel better about myself M. Somehow I feel the pride of ownership coming back into me :) BUT....I say...DO NOT PUT IT AWAY, because then I will feel pressured to do the same ( you know, the misery loves company thing) and besides, everything is too pretty not to look at everyday!
    Hugs from me...

  14. I like to think that using my brainpower for organization stifles my creative juices! lol You go girl...cat hair and all!

  15. You sound like Scarlet "I'll worry about it tomorrow" *Love* if my boyfriend didn't keep making me clean the kitchen table 'cause it drives him crazy, mine would look like that too!

  16. i am still laughing over the peep mosh pit! that is THE FUNNIEST!!! i love photo shoots with peeps. i was so psyched to see that michaels has their peeps restocked for easter. i bought 2 boxes. you know, chenille chickies.

    anyway, i say LEAVE THE MESS, EAT ON THE COUCH!

    vive la muse!


  17. I think you can probably do without the colored chicks. Everything else is pretty much indispensable.

  18. i think I just love your adorable MESS...wish it was on my table! Your little chicks make me smile! Pee mosh pit..so cute! Hugs to you..oh and thank you for the well wishes...they worked!

  19. Oh, its all just so much FUN! Your pictures make me smile.

  20. Mmmmmm............yeah. I'm getting it. I have an enormous armoir in my dining room where all my crafty paper stuff is housed. It cute little labeled drawers. Nice and tidy. Soooo... do I get "the mess" out to make one little thing? Heck no. Do I want to dismantle things to make a sweet little tag for a gift. Nope. So, I have a small fortune invested in paper, glitter, stamps, punches.........yep, all of it. And, very, VERY rarely use any of it. I'm thinking the dining room table might be an option... well, we really don't HAVE a dining room.... just part of the kitchen where the table is. Might not work here in the little, bitty cottage.

    Love, love, love your creative stuff. Be Bold. Keep it there!


  21. well you made my day. I laughed all the way through your post. Amid all your stuff you cracked me up. I am just like you. It's overwelming. Love all your pictures.


love to hear from you! ;}