December 20, 2011

A Tree Skirt You'll Want To Wear!

now i am just certain that ange of The Blooming Hydrangea is just a peach...
a doll, in fact...nice as can be! unfortunately, we can never be friends...
she has a stick-tu-ative kind of patience that i neither know...nor comprehend...
just look at that AWESOME stenciled burlap! the same pattern,
painstakingly repeated over and over again...
oh, for the love of kris kringle, i need a nap just thinking about it!
{she probably measured and stuff like that...ACK! ;}
and yet...i also get palpitations! because HEL-LO DOLLY, how cute it it??!!
wouldn't that material make adorable coolots? ok, not really, i just
wanted to use the word coolots in a post before 2011 was over! ;}
but i'd totally take a chair, davenport or throne covered in it!!!

by now, poor ange is more than sorry that she ever allowed me the
privilege of sharing her lovely creation! but honest and
it not fabulous? in all its damasky vintage-y wall paper goodness??!
{you can tell i went to design school with the firm grasp i have on
all that designy terminology, right? ;}

as someone who grew up with a "sheet" tree skirt, ange's Tree Skirt just
simply set my heart all aflutter!
so, go check it...and all manner of crafty cuteness...out at Ange's!!

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