December 7, 2011

A Pretty Popular Piece of Paper!

once upon a time i bought the piece of vintage french ephemera
and was inspired to use it as a prop in many a picture, this being
my favorite...i even had some cards made!

a little while later i decided to have this give away with a french theme
{among 10 other "themes" ;} and that little piece of frenchness was included.
{i'm thinking it's about time for another give away too...even though the above
give away is long over, it's actually one of my all-time most viewed,
there seems to be a need! ;}

well, the winner of that give away was the sweet Miss Anne of Fiona & Twig.
she was also inspired to photograph the little scrap...

and her picture was included with her article in the latest issue of
Artful Blogging !

while my picture...{sorry, best i could do, this page in the magazine
was a tad blurry, oh well... ;}

was included in the December issue of Romantic Homes!
{thank you Paulette & Beth!}

That is one pretty popular piece of paper! ;}

ps~ Lady Jennie did translate it for me...
but let's just say that the content of the words in no way
reflect the beauty of the document...a tad morbid they are! ;}


  1. What a beautiful piece of paper! I can see how it has been so popular. I am soooo sorry your beautiful photo ended up blurry because it is so artful and gorgeous. So funny that it was morbid! I am going to think of it as a love story - much more fitting.

  2. Great post, I do love the paper, I found some cardstock very similar and am using it as my christmas tags this year. Thanks for the inspiration, Di

  3. What a cute story! It is a very very pretty piece of paper!


  4. Ooooo I remember that picture well - so beautiful in all its simplicity.

  5. The story of the traveling piece of paper....I love it.

  6. Oh- I love morbid- It's the Irish in me! Sorrowful, mournful, sad...Irish to the max!

    What a wonderful little scrap of paper and I did, indeed, see it in both publications. Don't you love the way the big old blogging world is so small sometimes? xo Diana

  7. Such pretty penmanship. I loved my dads penmanship who was french. I tried so hard to copy it but no way!!!!


  8. Well at least the handwriting is beautiful! Love the paper and how wonderful for that little bit to be so big in a magazine picture! Yay!

  9. And a gorgeous piece of paper it is too! I remember seeing it in Romantic Homes.

  10. Beautiful piece of paper and beautiful blog too!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment about my diningroom. I also just read your post with the tribute to 9/11 it was amazing!

  11. Oh my goodness...I love your blog! Everything is so beautiful. I'll be following along from now on!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment!


  12. Lovely and romantic, wondering what it says. Congrats to sweet Anne :-) xo


love to hear from you! ;}