December 4, 2011

Chalk, Paper, Scissors...

i am thinking simplicity...
stressless decor...
yah, yah, you know me too well! i am just lazy! ;}
so, a cute chalkboard place card can be achieved by.....
messy paint? 3 days to dry...the ants in my pants
find that hard to live with!
real tiny chalkboards? don't happen to have a plethora of
them on hand.
the chalkboard contact paper that i have 75' of? BINGO!

i popped that contact paper {coolest thing ever! get it at AMAZON } on some cardboard...used my fancy punches
to make some fancy shapes...

and there you have it!
now, in a fit of whimsy i thought it would be cute just leaning
against a tiny paper birdcage...but these are turbulent times!
so, i thought it would be best to create some stability...and
while i have no means to accomplish such a feat on a worldwide
scale...i can succeed on a tablewide scale!

so, i just battened down those hatches, in a macgyver-like fashion,
with wine corks! seriously, these things can do anything! i'm sure
in no time, we will be hearing that the cure the common cold...
cellulite...and static cling!

E is for effortless!
and it's also for easy peasy!!

i really like them!

but please! don't attempt these place cards unless you have a full
5 minutes to spare! ok...3! remember, i am an expert! it takes
years of not training to be this lazy!

next stop on the lazy express... The Graphics Fairy for some Christmasy vintageness!

snip, snip.
dab, dab.
loop de loop.
bob's your uncle!

the zen feeling that will come from the ease with which you created
{i use that term loosely! ;} these napkin rings just might inspire you
to iron your napkins! ok...i didn't do it for me...but ya could

next i went nuts and just used one of the cork & crystal
ornaments i had already made. the paper napkin
ring would just be thrown away...but these would make
fabulous parting gifts for each contestant...i mean guest!

stressless can be cute!
you'll already be stressing over gifts...
your unsightly roots...
a little simplicity never hurt anyone! ;}

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  1. aawww those are all so sweet ;-)) dee x

  2. Fabulous, love them. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Wow ~ I love simplicity and I'm off to Amazon to get some chalkboard contact paper ~ who hoo. Thanks for the inspiration ;-)

  4. Cute, cute, cute! Love this and I had no idea they made chalkboard contact paper. Love that you used a cork as a stand! The music sheet napkin holders are great, too. I love the look with the napkin and the embellishments you added.

  5. Very cute! Love the music paper napkin ring--very creative!

  6. Wonderful! Creative and funny too! You always make my day!!

  7. I like lazy, I like chalkboard, I like sheet music and I love birdcages - I'm in heaven! (via Graphics Fairy)

  8. You're funny... that was awesome, and those couldn't be any cuter! Love it...



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