December 5, 2011

{A Bird's Christmas}

so, a little birdie told me that he wanted to be part of my Christmas!
and when i saw that he brought several of his birdie buddies along...
i decided to find a way to make them all at home on my Yuletide

i got these two situated first...

this guy has a bit of an attitude as you can see by his face!
he insisted on being high above everyone else so he could
keep an eye on things and make sure they were all minding
their p's & q's! so, i created a vintage book perch just for him
and a nest of paper shreds in a GGG incrusted pointe shoe.

this little guy wanted his little feet firmly on the ground...
poor thing is afraid of heights!

now Meshach...

and Shadrach...

well, they had served in the military and wanted to put their skills
to use guarding the tiny Christmas tree and the words of good cheer!
and a fine job they are doing! i've had nary a thief, tagger or kitty in the

and let's not forget the silver tweeter twins...
they like nothing better than to check their reflections
in the vintage mercury balls...and each other!

while Abednego scans the perimeter...

danger lurks around every corner...or, as in my house, just sits in
the window sill, bold as brass!

then everyone had a place and a purpose and birdies from thither and yon
let out a joyful cheep because the big tall lady would now be getting back to
her flaming hot cheetos...and quit messing with their tail feathers!
{i just wish Meshach & Shadrach would have told me to move the middle
frame to the right, just a tad...before i took the pictures though! ;}

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  1. Ahhhh, what sweet little birdies and very clever too. I can't believe that one of the kitties didn't get in on the photo session.


  2. Love your mantle It's just my style... Happy Holidays.. to you and your Family

  3. Your decorations are awesome. Your birdies are all working hard to protect their domain!! Especially Abednego. He is making sure the guy in the window stays put.

  4. Very pretty; I love how you brought all your bird friends together for your mantel display! Those mercury glass ones are gorgeous. I have the white crowned ones, too. I just love them! They fit right in with my cabinet of whites.

  5. CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP: that's 'bird' for BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Very classic and it! I am a new follower!

  7. love your little birds, cute post too..

  8. I love your birds, the one and the glittering ballet slipper, is wonderful- and all your trees so sweet- Neautiful all.

  9. I have a few of those cute little birds on a shelf in my studio. Love your mantel, I have the prefect thing to go with it. I just posted a vintage garland tutorial and giveaway. Maybe you can win it. Thanks, Cindy

  10. I love the birds! I have a little bird from West Elm that is covered in paper. It probably one of my favorite things in the house right now! Your collection is amazing!


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