November 1, 2011

You're Invited To A Mixer...

how cool is this?
way cool!
too cool!
beyond the valley of cool!
ok, ok, i'm done...just wanted to be sure you
understood the how seriously cool this is! ;}

the creative {and cool} genius behind these masterpieces is
the one and only nicole dinardo of UN AMORE DESIGNS

yes, she's the one who customized the pioneer woman's kitchen aid!
but she's not all cowgirl cuteness and flowers!

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! she has a wild streak!

oh, to have this in my mary engelbreit red kitchen that
i don't have! but when i do have it...i'll need one of these!

vintage-y pin-ups! this warms the cockles of my WWII heart!

shut up!

argyle??! i just might need a defibrillator!

old keys and pink...lawsy me!

a wine bottle...just plain fabulous!

cherry blossom charming!

i am just amazed by her ideas alone!
her talent...well, these pictures speak a thousand words!

which one stirs your heart? ;}


Good Life Wednesday @ A Beach Cottage


  1. oh my gosh,, beautiful, I'm torn between cowgirl cuteness and the winebottle,, ooo ee, i love this,,

  2. Swoon, swoon! I love the first one with writing and the black with cherries. I am going to have to go visit! These are amazing. They make my purple one seem dull and ordinary!!!!

  3. You're so punny! The one that "stirs" my soul would definitely be the cowgirl cute one! It is just drop dead gorgeous!

  4. They are seriously gorgeous, I love the red with the pink flowers and the cherries and the first one and the.... oh I just love them all!

  5. OMG! You are SO right! Those are some seriously cool mixers!

    I love the first one with the writing, the red one with flowers, the black one with cherries....just say when.

  6. O my goodness those are gorgeous that yellow one o my i would love that. I bet they cost an arm and a leg though. Thanks for showing us those. dee x

  7. OOOOOHHH, M, the first one has my name written all over it!! LOVE your superlatives describing them all, too. Most are words I use every day ~ well, 'cept for lawsy!!!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  8. Amazing! The black one with the cherries is my favorite.

  9. My gosh, those are beautiful! I want them ALL! I would start with the 'amore' one with the rose. Fantastic!

  10. What a hoot! If I were only filthy rich... I'd buy one for all my friends for Christmas to suit their personalities!!

  11. These are really creative but I'm glad I only use a mixer about once a year- if that! ♥

  12. I love the black one with the cherries , no maybe the red one . How do I get this done to mine ? I would try it myself if I knew what kind of paint to use . Fantastic ! My mixer would finally have a function .

  13. That is the coolest thing I have seen today

    I want my mixer done like that , i sent them an email

    thanks for showing us all these ideas

  14. Saw you pink shell wreath on Pinterest. Love it. (Will probably have to make one myself.) Followed it to your blog. Love it also.
    Thanks for sharing. Maybe I missed it. Did you have a list of supplies for your wreath.

  15. OMG, aren't they all just fabulous? The first one is the one for me though, sigh. Now dare I give mine a makeover? Errmm, methinks not, lol, as I have no painting skills whatsoever.

  16. How great - all are so fantastic! What fantastic eyecatcher in the kitchen - yes, yes, yes ... I want to have one!!!


  17. OMGOsh- They are ALL so creative...Wow.. I LOVE that first one and I also love the Mary Englebreut one.AND the floral one...oh my...does she sell them, or what? My mixer is on one of those pull up shelves and I use it all the time. What fun it would be to pull up one of these beauties...well...except the shark might kind of scare know..thinking of my fingers getting "eaten" by the bread hooks...xo Diana

  18. I am speachless. These are just completely over the top. Not quite enough to make me take up cooking, but the nearst I've come in a very long time!

  19. I just love them all, but the first one is my favorite. How talented and creative for someone to think of doing this. Love it

  20. Those are amazing. Mine is plain ole silver!

  21. This post made me smile! I use to teach Tole painting and I remember painting an antique mixer years ago. No longer have it, darn! Hers are so cute. Love, love the cherry one!!


love to hear from you! ;}