November 12, 2011

Shiny Happy People...

oh, the things you can do with a matchbox!
ok, maybe some of things shouldn't be done...but, you know...
live and learn! ;}
glitter! now glitter should ALWAYS be done to a matchbox!!
have you seen that sign on pinterest, "glitter is the herpes of
crafting?"---wow! never really thought i'd use that word on the
blog---anyway, if that is true...then back off! i'm a carrier!!!
if that's our modern world...dirt and grunge over sparkle and
shine, glimmer and glow...well then count me out! as the old
song says, "shine! make 'em wonder what you've got...make them
wish that they were not...on the outside looking bored!"
so i'll just shine, thank you very much! ;}

PINK SATURDAY @ How Sweet The Sound


  1. I agree with you 100% ~ let it sparkle ;-)

  2. I love glitter especially at Christmas time and these matchboxex are adorable! Love the song "Shine" too.

  3. what a beautiful display of loveliness!!

  4. Oh, and do you ever shine!!!
    Everything is better with glitter (except the chocolate chip cookies I just made and ate most of them myself). I cannot be trusted with sugar (you know that other granulated stuff much like glitter?

    I loved your beautiful post about our troops and Veterans. Beautiful images too.
    hugs from here...

  5. I've had match boxes on the brain as well!

  6. Ah yes, sparkle and glitter - at this time of year it's just exactly what we need to counter the fog and rain.

  7. OK-Those are darling! Really darling! Do you think you should put a little warning on the outside that says...Please do not strike here (unless you want to be glitterfied) cute- you are so clever! xo Diana

  8. I really love what you haev done!! BTW, what kind of glitter do you use??
    I love your matchboxes!! ideal for money gifts!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Love your glittering matchboxes, they are so wonderful, and perfect little gifts, to spread joy and beauty.

  10. So pretty and pink, gotta love that. I just wanted to tell you that I'm celebrating my first magazine article with a giveaway. The project is a tree made out off fabric scraps. The muslin one is very vintage and up your alley. Come by if you can. Thanks, Cindy

  11. Shine! Hee-hee, Now I'll be invisioning that guy in the tutu all day! ♥

  12. Those are mighty fine matchboxes.

  13. Always love to visit your blog. So much fun and GLITTER!


love to hear from you! ;}