November 13, 2011

Mixed-up Media...

this is what i had in my head...sort of... ;}
i thought, 'oh, i'll just glue the material to some cardboard,
then i'll draw on a fabulous pattern, then i'll just cut it done...looks pleased...'
blah, blah, blah.
it did not quite work out that way! ;}

there was no small amount of carnage involved first.
hacking and sawing!
what i really needed was a chain saw!
apparently, when you glue fabric to cardboard, the cardboard
becomes all bendy...the already-hard-to-cut-material becomes
impossible to cut and you just end up with something that looks
like beavers chewed all around the edges!
ok, maybe you don't end up with that...but i did!!

so what began as my triumphant butterfly ornament making
session...fizzled out rather quickly!
what the heck was i doing! ACK!

and in my usual LAZY manner, i just freehanded the butterflies...
which is probably the reason that they don't really look like any
butterflies you have ever seen! they are a tad bottom heavy and,
actually, they look like they are wearing pantaloons! I know!
butterflies in heard it here first! even my cats
were pointing and laughing!

the one saving grace...i just happened to have champagne colored
GGG that looks tres fab against the vintage patina of this graphic
i borrowed from the fairy...this butterfly is a keeper. the others?
well, i think i'll open the window and set them free! ;}

but i was feeling ornamenty...and you guys keep pinning cool
things that i see on my pinterest page, so i had a plan b...b is
as far as i go...plan c, d & e or beyond...well, they are just too
much effort to even contemplate!

corks & prisms...that's the ticket and i know that's what you were
all thinking, right? who wouldn't be!

a cork...
and a prism...
how hard can it be?

i just tried not to overthink it...
take a cork...
then add a prism...
but i wasn't in love with it.
too plain...too boring.

so, i added some vintage sheet music & hand stamped seam binding.

some burlap and a tiny shell...

this and that...
scraps, left overs and the like.
how green am i?
not green at all...just a cheap hoarder! ;}

a mini-starfish, string & fabric shreds...
{nothing screams "Christmas" like fabric shreds! ;}

a seriously Lazy Girl project!
corks, glue gun, bits and bobs...then let your imagination run wild!
it's a great idea and a good way to use up all your hoarded odds & ends!

hanging dangling objects within paw's reach of felines?

nope...not such a great idea!
i didn't take pictures of the carnage that ensued...
i just wept silently and lamented my moronitude!
live and learn..or in my case, live...and 20 cats later...
still never learn!
{but if you heard his howitzer'd forgive him anything too! ;}

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  1. Oh dear, I hope you were able to save some. They are beautiful:)

  2. I love your mixed media--looks lovely! What a darling cat too--our persian is so lazy my kids try and try to get him to play and once in a while he'll paw at some dangling object--much to their delight. Then he goes back to sleep. Thanks for sharing your pretties!

  3. Totally cool! Love the beach vibe and the white and silver. Thanks for posting your inspiration.


  4. Poor kitty. Fooled by a cork and a bauble! I'm sure he thought he was onto real prey.

    Love your butterflies- even the ones with the pantaloons...speaking of loons...I should probably get going now- I am tired and a tad zany! xo Diana

  5. adorable...i'm going to have to have my friends save me some corks (i don't drink wine) but would love to make some of these! xoox

  6. What a beautiful cat! And I just know he really appreciated all those nice toys you made just for him!

  7. Fun ornaments. I hope you still have some to enjoy. Love the combination of corks and crystal pendants.

  8. I like your free spirit here--the end result was quite nice!

  9. The musings of an artist!!! Have a beautiful week!!!

  10. Oh this is beautiful!! I like the corks with crystal very much..
    Dear greatings, Elly

  11. You always make me smile ;-)) I loving the cork decorations what a fab idea ;-)) And i think your butterflies with the glitter on are pretty to. dee xx

  12. I think they turned out really pretty! I've been saving my plastic spools of thread to do something similar with. I love the butterflies!

  13. I think your butterflies turned out very well, many in nature are not perfect either after a bird takes a bite out of a wing etc.
    It was interesting see how you took bits of this and that and made some nice vintage looking baubles. Good way to repurpose things.

  14. Beautiful original butterflies! :) I really love your cork ornaments. I have about 50 of them taking up space in my cabinet, and now I'm finally motivated to do something with them.
    Have a wonderful week.

  15. I know what you mean about the cardboard. I did the same thing too until a lightbulb went off. Poster board (in colors, at Dollar Tree) and they worked perfect!

  16. Prekrasni leptiri!!!!
    Lijepo si sredila čepove..
    Maca je jako slatka...

  17. Every time I read your posts I leave with a smile on my face ;0) Thanks!!

  18. So lovely- ALL- butterflyes, and corks- really love them all.

  19. The butterflies are really pretty.
    Cool use of corks. I love the bling!


  20. I loved this entire post and did I ever laugh. Love the way you write. Oh, and I loved the projects!!

  21. saw your mention in romantic homes while browsing the mags at my local grocery store! what fun! congrats!

  22. Oh they are so beautiful! I love the combination of corks and crystals, shells and ribbon -- so whimsical! xoxo

  23. as usually laugh out loud and beautiful...I shall make one you little lovlies one of these days...I really shall

  24. So beautiful! What talent you have!!

    Susan and Bentley

  25. Stopping over from Picket Fence~
    I actually prefer the butterflies with the glitter to the original plan. So happy to have found your blog. This made me feel inspired and like I might be able to craft this type of ornament.
    Thank you!

  26. Oh, how lovely they were! The things we will put up with to live with cats! Great ideas though :-)

  27. I love the sea shell butterflies and the corks! Great little treasures!

    Stop by for a visit! I'm in OC too!


  28. They are lovely, both butterflies and corks.
    I gave me nice ideas for sea shells. Xoxo

  29. These are absolutely ENCHANTING!!! I'm sure kitty was just under their spell :)
    I really love them!

  30. Such lovely work!So beautiful!-Denise


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