November 2, 2011

Little Creative Give Away On The Prairie

pretty cute, eh?

yep! i'd take all this too!

and if you threw in this little trinket...i wouldn't
mind one bit!

but i would want all this to boot!

greedy of me?
but i do want it all! {i'll "own" my greed! ;}
and just because i am not inclined to share, doesn't mean
you can just win all of these treats for your very own!
you see kristin of FADED PRAIRIE is having a Creative Give Away ...
so, pop on over and leave a lil 'ol comment...and all this...and more...could be yours! ;}

fingers crossed!


  1. It all looks lovely fingers crossed for you ;-) dee x

  2. maybe mr. edwards will even stop by with some brown sugar for all of us.



love to hear from you! ;}