November 6, 2011


so, i have to be honest here...i'm not quite sure if this came
about through inspiration...or desperation...but let's go
with inspiration, shall we! ;} who wouldn't be inspired
by these cute little "dollar bin" jars from Michael's?
that's a no-brainer!

but this is where the desperation comes into play...blackboard contact
paper that i found on AMAZON ...pretty darn cool...pretty darn fun...i can stick it
but for the love of mike...there's 75 feet of it! and i am plum out of
ideas about where to stick it {now that didn't sound at all ladylike,
did it??! ;}

well, i stuck it here! {after i had used one of my cute paper punches!}

then an idea began to percolate...
the one thing i have more of than blackboard contact paper, is
clothes pins...{clips...pegs...}
well, ok, i have a lot of shoes...
and gummy bears...
and q-tips, but none of those fit into this plan!

stick that little clothespin onto the paper...trim a bit...
bam! 2 seconds're done!

personalize pins for the recipient...
in this case, the recipient was i HAD to have one for "chips"!
they are my life's blood! {the Frito-Lay Corp. is the Edward to my Bella!;}

"notes"... pictured here we have music "notes"...
but bank notes are welcome too!!! clip away!

"stuff"...this clip can follow me anywhere...'cuz i do have "stuff"!
and it's so non-committal...use it for Christmas receipts...or your
bearer decide!

"everything"...if i have to spell this one out...
well...then i just give up, people!

these would make jiffy quick treat or Christmas present for your
child's teacher...or your blackboard obsessed friend...
i stress the "jiffy" and the "quick"...if you have 3.5 minutes...
you are in like Flynn!

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  1. LOVE those little bottles. Aren't they cute? Hmmm..I'm thinking clothespins could actually be marked for CLOTHES...You know...Undies...bras...tighty-whities...ooops-too many letters for one pin?

    Great, fun idea. I have a friend that uses a ton of that blackboard film. She loves the stuff, too! xo Diana

  2. Those are really cute! I'll bet those jars would be great for holiday gifts and decor.

  3. I think you are on to something. Very clever. I didn't even know chalkboard came in this form!!

  4. Those little jars are so cute with the chalkboard cutouts! Just put in my order for some of that cool paper :)

  5. Brilliant and fun...I love it when a craft comes up that I am actually capable of...thanks!

  6. Great idea with the blackboard paper :) and who can resist little jars?

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. You are too much fun! Love all your DIY's with the chalkboard contact paper (who knew?????)!!!! Happy Monday!

  8. I use clothespins for everything, and I am always planning on painting them one day, but that one day NEVER comes! This is a perfect "no time commitment" project and I LOVE IT!

  9. You are just too clever!! Happy Monday!!

  10. VERY cute ideas! Love the picture collages you did for this post too.

  11. Very cute! One can never have too many clips!

  12. The perfect little craft project - quick, easy, and functional :-) Have fun using all 75 feet of your blackboard paper!

  13. Funny post... I didn't even know that blackboard sticky paper stuff existed! So, thanks, and your little clips are adorable!


  14. So you ARE a member of Mensa aren't you? Because You are a genius M!!!!
    This is a great idea that I know I will use to pieces.
    hugs to you ~Miss Smarty Pants~

  15. I wonder if I can get this stuff in Australia, you have come up with some great ideas!

  16. I didn't know that the blackboard paper existed, either! So glad I landed on your blog and found out about it!

  17. Ag you are too clever - I love visiting your blog, every time I open it there is something amazing to look at and such amazing ideas - well done!

  18. Work it, Girl! Love to see all that stark black and white on things like clothes pins, especially

    Thanks for sharing today :D
    Visiting from TT&J linky party,
    Smiles, Suzanne in NW Illinois

  19. Love this. I've been looking for this contact paper but have not found it. I'll need to check Amazon.

  20. You have the best cheap crafty ideas of any other blogger I know. These little jars are an amazing idea. Pretty and Practical...the perfect marriage.


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