October 18, 2011

That Little Devil On My Shoulder...

would you look at those mirrors???!!!
i know!
and here i am...caught unprepared...my smelling salts
and fainting couch so far out of reach that i may just
end up in a heap on the floor! but if i was on the floor
next to those mirrors...somehow i know everything
would be a-ok!

so, tripped and fell into the clutches of a site called
AN ANGEL AT MY TABLE that is just brimming with so
many lust-worthy delights that i kept
thinking that the word "devil" really should be in its name...
because nearly every item could cause you to stumble!
{i'll take any one...or all of those birdie abodes, thank you!}

it's a watering can...that looks like a teapot!
i know!
and i don't even have any plants...or drink much tea
unless it's with a nyquil chaser during flu season!
and yet...i want it!

as if the fabric isn't fab enough!
the pink dingle-balls...stop it!!!!!

i could only toss unused tissues in this...
i couldn't bare to make it icky!

and i am just a sucker for anything union jacky!
{God save the queen!}

wow! not sure if i could use it...for real...
the thought of used tissues, burst ketchup packets,
smashed Smarties & ibuprofen stuck to pennies,
last months bills, a flashlight & 3 books within its
beauteous depths...no, no nanette!

i just want to frame this picture!

if you need a votive...it really should look like this!

jingle bells, hearts & wreaths...
3 great things that go great together!!!
{what commercial is the from???}

mini chandies!
i could tack one of these above my kitchen sink and pretend...

now, pots like this i have seen a lot...
but with that added edging? not!!!

can you have too much candle lit mercury glass? i think not!

vintage-y velvety blooms!
on your sweater...
at your waist...
in your hair...
{up high...where your cats cats use them as a toy!! ;}

this combination of mirror and bird cage...

and these little baubles...i want to try and copy!
i am in a frenzy of inspiration...how hard can it be?
{i'll get back to you on that one! ;}

now, never let it be said that i am trying to lead you astray...
fear not, little lambs! these sorts of sinful catalogs and websites
have been sent to test us...fire-y trials that we can stand fast
against...and then copy everything as best we can!!!
which is not to say that if i won the lottery i wouldn't buy
everything in this post so fast it would make your head spin! ;}

gorgeous photography!
beautiful wares!
oodles of inspiration!
AN ANGEL AT MY TABLE ...is a little bit of heaven!



  1. These are such beautiful things! Love those mirrors and the union jack box. And that watering can!!!


  2. Wonderful post, and I love anything Union Jack too. SO fun!


    PS It ooks like you have a typo in your first line.

  3. Nooo! I had a look!!! Shoot! :D

  4. Om my such beautiful pictures i want it all lol i love everything especially the mini chandeliers xxx

  5. And here I am thinking you're the little devil for passing this on! : ) Love the mirrors, the pocketbook, the pots . . . great, now I have to go check it out!

  6. Oh my, what a treat! When you figure out a "copy" for the birdcage mirror, please share :-) Such a fun post, I'm headed back for a 3rd glance.

  7. These are truly lovely pictures and so I must go and see what else there is. Thanks!

  8. You're right! That site is AMAZING! I could literally just take one of everything!

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  10. I want it all...love the hearts think they are my favorite!!

  11. I'm Damned...I just had a look.

    Yeah, i want everything. Where was this site before or am I a web idiot? Going thru this post all over again...God, this seems to have some kind of spell. You'll be time stuck here.

    Have anyone heard this song called "Cant take my eyes off you" by Muse? Totally relative

  12. one word...Wow! okay more words...Hugs!!

  13. Wow! Now I am not a retail decorating kind of gal, but these wares have me itching for my mastercard something fierce. I spent so much money yesterday on stupid boring stuff...always a killjoy...and so have yet to pop on over. But I will...Christmas season is coming and who's to stop me from buying a little something for myself?
    The mini chandeliers and mirrored birdcage were my favs...with the union jack box a close runner up.

  14. I'm swooning over all this beauty. Your photos are stunning. Love it all.

  15. Oh my goodness you have such good taste! I love many of these things! Especially that birdcage mirror! Can't wait to look at more of your blog! Jennifer Grenko

  16. so much lovely in this single post!

    hope you will enter my shabby chic giveaway:




  17. One minute... I was just feeding your pink fish.
    I love your post, all the pictures are so beautiful and inspirational.

  18. Oh my goodness! I need smelling salts after looking at every one of these beautiful items!! Thank you for sharing such lovely treasures!

  19. I love, love, love this blog too M! She has the dreamiest things posted.

    DO you have to make me laugh so hard every time I read here? My husband is starting to think that either you or I am crazy. I leading him to believe it's you!
    How did you know what the bottom of my purses look like???
    hugs from here...

  20. LOL- I was wondering when my pocketbook was going to regret coming to your blog and this post almost did it!! Eek!!! What an awesome site!! I'm going ga ga over those mirrors and those chandys, too... Good thing that big mirror is sold out!! Now, here may be a new one for you... Try out http://www.pipstudio.com/en/, says the girl that bought 2 towels that she just had to have from the Netherlands.... for $80... :)


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