October 28, 2011

Picture This...

...you'll have to...mentally...cuz there are NO pictures here!
nope, no sireee bob!
i kept getting this funky error when i tried to upload
which i ignored...and instead of letting it make my head
want to explode, i turned off the computer {because the
alternative was frissbee-ing it out the window!} well, blogger
finally told me WHAT the error was this morning...hee hee...
wow! what a dork I am! but who didn't know that already? ;}
i am out of storage space so google is holding my posts hostage
until i pay a ransom...wow! can you stand that drama??!!!
anywho, now that i am all nancy drew-like and the mystery
the missing pictures is solved, looks like it will be another
24 hours...
i'm sure you'll live...
i'm sure you never even noticed...
i really just wanted to whine! ;}


  1. What happens next?When it happens to me what do I have to do.I heard some people just start a new blog?How will I know that is what's wrong?

  2. The nerve! (Happened to me last year.) You'd think they would give a little advance warning? You are that rare blogger who could get by on just words tho. :)

  3. Oh my, what is the randsom? I hope that you have backed up your blog whatever it is that they are doing.

  4. Yikes! I've heard of this happening but didn't know it happened without warning. I wonder when the kidnappers will strike my blog.

  5. I heard someone else say the same thing a while back...how mean of them to hold your pictures hostage!!

  6. too funny! always end up smiling when i visit here. hope you drum up that "ransom" soon! lol! ;)

  7. I wondered what was up with you! I didn't realize there was a limit to pictures! Ummmmm..how MANY can you have, do you know? AND...How much ransom do they charge? Do you have to sell your house to cough up the amount? I will say they are pretty sneaky...who knew...well..that was stupid...I guess someone knew! xo Diana

  8. That happened to me once...quite a while ago...which probably means it will happen again soon. Ugh.

  9. How horrid!! Don't they realize that we NEED our daily fix of sweet M???? Hurry back........

    Happy PS!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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