October 23, 2011

{Lack Of} Flower Power...

now if you saw this little pretty, wouldn't you want to make it?
yah...me too.
i wasn't even intimidated by the fact that it's origami...i mean
everyone knows that origami means "a simplistically cruel
way to befuddle the lazy" in japanese.
how hard can it be, right? even had step-by-step directions...
pictures and everything from Cut Out & Keep ...piece of cake, right?
{they are called kusadama flowers...this should have been my first clue...
when you have the words kus, sad & dam all in one name...anyone in their
right might should be filled with a sense of foreboding...but you know with
me, "right mind" is optional! ;}

so, you're supposed to use a post-its as your template...3 x 3...easy enough.
and right now, i'd like to say that i used the b & w copies of vintage book
pages because i was going for the stark, white, wintery look...but that would
be a big fat lie...i just didn't want to waste my vintage stuff on a experimentation,
which for me, ends up frankensteiny!

3 x 3's cut...i got my vintage on by getting some cuteness from The
Graphics Fairy

your first step is to fold it in half, so any one-sided print will do just fine.
then two...
then three...
then four...
i've folded napkins...i can do this, right?

no, as a matter of fact...i can't!
i just DO NOT get the next step...the one that makes THREE folds end
up inside each petal instead of the stupid TWO i keep making!
why does everything require math! sheesh!
i tried...i really did...i made the first one from a pink post-it...
over and over...fold after fold...after fold! it was so accordioned
i felt the strong urge to POLKA!

then you glue them together...easy enough, right?

somehow mine doesn't have that nice round hole in the middle...
yah, besides the pathetic 2 folds instead of three...thank you for
reminding me!

this was the second one i made...
i know...you thought that the first picture was so bad that it had to
be my proto...
uh, no.
i had the bright idea to liven thing ups and use funky scissors to make
a cool edge...not a good plan...take it from me. and in my mind's eye
i was thinking the folds weren't flat, but were opened and i used a
paint brush to force them open even! not! funny thing how my mind's
eye's memory is juuuuust as bad as my mind's mind! ;}
i also went crazy with the hot glue...not pretty...lots of glue-y entrails

it was so pathetic i thought i'd give it leaves...which just served to make
it look like a weird...ugh-ly butterfly. what can i say, i have the midas
touch! ;}

ok, this one is better...but i spaced on my count and i only made 4
petaly tube things...not 5.
i know...i am an embarrassment to anyone with glue burns and mod
podge stuck in their hair!

they look ok when you can only see a little of them...
{this is called a mercy crop! ;}

they really aren't hard...
well, my 2-fold version isn't.

who knows, maybe you have to use calculus to get that 3rd fold
thus adding an extra olympian degree of difficulty that i have no
weapon against!

a bit of advice from this crafty moron to you...although vintage paper
would be cool...i wouldn't use pages from before bell bottoms, platform
shoes and the hustle...it's too brittle and tears instead of folding...but then
don't we all.

they are not all together hideous...
for the Christmas tree...maybe tipped with glitter?
of course they can be made bigger or smaller, so on
gifts or a bouquet is not out of the question.

and if anyone can explain the 3rd fold to me...
i'd be grateful...and humbled...
{probably embarrassed too! but i have a brand new bag of
flaming hot cheetos to help overcome that...so, let 'er rip! ;}


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  1. Nice flower, thanks for sharing :)

  2. These tuned out lovely! Found you through Met Monday. Carrie

  3. I've made some of these. I'll look up my instructions and see what I did to get the third fold. Yours look great, regardless.

  4. I hope making these flowers does not come under the description for wife, mother, grandmother because I wouldn't even get as far as you did. :-)
    Yours look pretty good but I'd be better off with tissues making carnations like we use to.

  5. I've seen these in the blogosphere, I've been wanting to give these a try for a while now. Perhaps with your tutorial I just might. :)

  6. I done figured it out!!
    In step #5 (photograph #3) where it says to fold the tip of the triangle overthe edge you have to tuck the tip into itself without catching any of the other layers and then procede as described.
    I folded the tip over then opened up the little cone shape and tucked it in.
    Hope this helps or perhaps I just made it more clearer then mud LOL.

  7. Well, I'm giving you an A+ for effort! And, I think they turned out pretty cute. They really would be cute tucked into the Christmas tree.

    As always, thank you for your great writing and for the smile you put on my face!

  8. these flowers are very cure!
    thanks for the toturial....
    greetings from austria

  9. They look beautiful! Great job! I love the one with only 4 even if it is supposed to be 5. Pinned this!


  10. here you go: http://foldingtrees.com/2008/11/kusudama-tutorial-part-1/
    It works :) I just tried it!

  11. Every week another glorious creation!!!! I love it!!! Cathy

  12. These are beautiful! I would love to try to make them! I'm marking this post! Thanks! ♥

  13. They look pretty darn good to me...I think I will admire them from afar!!

  14. i made these...they were fun! and cute!

  15. However they turned out, I think they are adorable. I think I will give it a whirl, but if it takes calculus, count me out! If mine look any where near as good as yours I'll be happy.

  16. These are beautiful...I think I will have to make some for on top of Christmas gifts..your ideas are always so stunning...thank you once again. Hugs for today. xoxo

  17. This tutorial was the one which worked for me -
    http://www.origami-instructions.com/origami-kusudama-flower.html. The squash fold was the difficult bit for me, but I got it, yeah! Sigh, I think you can guess how I will be spending the evening, lol.

  18. Hello,

    I always love what you do with paper and these are fabulous!


  19. Yours look terrific! Thanks for making me laugh so hard! Everyone came running to find out why! Ha!

  20. OMG! You have so much more patience than I do LOL! Seriously, these are beautiful and I'm always impressed with your creations.


  21. Those are pretty!!! I think you should make a garland out of them :)

  22. TOTALLY cute, and I love the idea of tipping them with glitter and doing a Christmas tree full of em. With tiny white lights. That someone ELSE puts up, lol!

  23. I have my reservations as to how far I will succeed in making even a one fold flower but I have to admit that these look beautiful and are definitely worth a try, even if in super mercy(i) crop mode.

    Come on you old tatty books. Today I shall win over your cockroach nestling pages.

  24. Um no way. It all looked like on big mystery to me, even when you broke it down. It may be my defeatist attitude today and I have no flaming cheetos to comfort me.

  25. Fantastic flowers- now that I saw all the steps, doesn't seem so hard


  26. So pretty, would love to put them on a straw hat and go to a horse race.

  27. these are great & so pretty! thank you for the tutorial! going to have to try this! love how you displayed them! xoox, tracie

  28. Oh, you do the nicest things!! And then you share. I am going to try this, although I do have four thumbs when it comes to folding.
    Thanks so much for that!!!
    Keep smiling and creating

  29. I LOVE this! I would love if you would share this at the Crazy Cute link party happening at Between U & Me right now! I've got a totally awesome giveaway this week, too!
    OOH! AND, I'm your newest follower! ;)

  30. Loved the commentary al
    Ost as much as the paper flowers! You are a hoot! They turned out great , if you ask me. Which you didn't...


love to hear from you! ;}