October 15, 2011

I Know, I Know...Shush You!

i know...i know...i said that i was swearing off the WUSLU
stuff...but in a moment of weakness this morning...i peeked...
bad girl!
naughty, naughty!
a newspaper across the nose for you...uh, me!
now, i don't ever actually sit with my feet propped up
on a stool...i am usually sitting on the floor and using
a stool as a table.
but good golly miss molly! this is sure cute!
and at only 21 vapors-inducing dollars...
well, i'll leave the rest up to you.

{forget you saw this..i was never here!}


  1. Oh you naughty thing, you didn't, did you??? Did you???

  2. OH NO!! I nearly hit the buy it button when I saw this, but I am reframing for now. But, geeze if you did it then it's alright for me to do it, right??? LOL!

    I'll be back later, gotta get back there and get one before they are all gone.


  3. I swooon over it!
    Come by for a visit!

  4. Very cute - and I'd never heard of WUSLU til today.

  5. now stop showing us naughty pictures. you know it doesn't take much to push some of us over the edge!! xoxo

  6. I ;love that!! I NEED that!!
    My hubby keeps telling me off when I place my {adorable} feet on the coffee table...LOL
    Cheers from Australia

  7. ok, ok, its cute...too cute... i understand!

  8. We have a really old embroidered one like that.


love to hear from you! ;}