October 29, 2011

Houston...We Have Pictures!

gloriosky! my 24 hour probation period is over
and i am once again allowed to upload pictures!
{although i still have to report in once a week and
wear and ankle bracelet! ;}

so, i thought i'd go with some really obnoxiously bright shots
to celebrate pictures in general...and pink in particular.
{royal winton's "julia"}

i feel like a new man...uh, woman...uh, person {what's the pc way
to say that these days? ;} one never appreciates basic technology
until it's taken away...ok, it was my own fault but let's not cloud
all this melodrama with facts! ;}

PINK SATURDAY @ How Sweet The Sound


  1. Well that was pretty wierd for you. Love the Julia, a favorite. Gorgeous!

  2. Yeaaaa-I, for one, am glad you are back...I have missed your bright and winning personality! xo Diana

  3. I'll bet your ankle bracelet is studded with all kinds of bling too M.
    I love the cup!!! She's as pretty as her name.
    hugs for the day...

  4. Love those bright pics! Well enjoy that ankle bracelet. I bet it's the prettiest darn ankle bracelet anyone ever did see!

  5. Beautiful dishes, love the bright colorful flowers! Laura Cottage and Broome

  6. I bet that ankle bracelet is a rather fabulous handmade one, following the lazy girl's guide to decorating ankle bracelets no doubt.


love to hear from you! ;}