October 3, 2011

Bird Flew...

what in the heck is it with me...and birds?!
i have never had a bird...never even wanted one...
but if i see an item...any item...shaped like a birdie...
i just gotta have it!
it's a sickness!

so, naturally, when i saw this little pin...i did a few dipsy doodles
of joy! the price, however, was not so joy inspiring...so, i saved
the picture for future inspirational use.
{i only saved the picture and not the site...if anyone recognizes
this work, let me know so i can give a shout out...thx!}

i was hoping to find a fatter, more disney-esque birdie shape
to use...you know, the kind of birds that sit on your finger and
sing or tie the sash on your dress...alas, there were none to be
had...so i just sort of winged it and ended up with this little guy.
he'd have to do as my model/pattern.

the original was too plain...i wanted words and music!
the sheet music i had was just too darn big, so i went with
old hymnal pages that had a smaller font size...just right!
sheet music...glue stick...cardboard...voila!

i achieved the shiny plastic look with several coats of Liquid Laminate...
dries in a jiff and every coat made the cardboard stiffer and stiffer. a good

popped on {glue gun} a run-of-the-mill pin back {they cost about $3 for
a million @ Oriental Trading or Fire Mountain Gems...or Michael's or
Walmart for that matter. A fashionable pin...any lazy girl would be
proud of!

it's cardboard, so we are not talking family heirloom here...
but for zero dollars and in about half an hour i was able to
create this cute little guy...who will look just dandy on a vintage
sweater...when it gets cool enough to even think about
looking at a sweater without having a hot flash...maybe
January! ;}

the vintage wallpaper was a bit too fragile and not at all up to the task
so, this little guy will grace a clothespin until further inspiration strikes!
{he'd sure make a cute package tie-on!;}

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  1. Adorable! I especially love the wallpaper one.

    Put a bird on it!


  2. Such a sweet little bird! What a great idea that will add a touch of Spring any time of the year! Cute!

  3. That little bird figure is just so precious!

  4. Love that little music bird perched on the easel. What a great idea!

  5. I love both of your little birds. Always fun to visit and see what you are up to!

  6. What a little cutie...I sure understood you sickness "birdie bloggy flu" I'm thinking...I also have it...I'm just don't have the creative version...mine just makes me "buy" birdie things...
    Have a beautiful week!!!

  7. I loved your comment that you were looking for a plumper bird the kind that would tie your bow! That was a hoot. What a cute little bird. Love all of your fun book print crafts in your header too.

  8. That is so cute! I love how you used the hymnal. I'm the same way--I've never had a bird and have never wanted a bird, but if there is a bird decoration anywhere, I have to have it! :)

    Have a great week!

  9. Hmmm, could it have been from Quill Cottage? I think that I have a bird from Miss Sandy that looks similar. He's really cute! I like what you've done with him both on the hymn/pin and the clothespin.

  10. So very, very sweet...I feel the same about bird things...can't resist them :) Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  11. Isn't this a wonderful idea. Well done!

  12. Ilove it, love it, love it!

    Hugs XX

  13. I love birds, and what a great idea to add them to pins. I may have to make me some!

  14. So cute M...but then everything you do is lovely.

    I laughed at the sash tying kind of bird. How do think this stuff up? I know Cinderella had birds helping her dress and all, I just want to know how you can recall all of it ALL of the time?
    sending hugs...

  15. Hello,

    Love birds too! These are lovely!


  16. I agree ...once upon a time I use to think that anything to do with birds in the house was unlucky.....but I now find them hard to resist, have two bird cages and some handmade birds in them....love your idea of a brooch...ciao Alison ( Italy )

  17. BTW where do bird addicts go for help? (I am asking for myself)lol
    Lovely post M, I really enjoyed it. Thanks.

  18. Yeah birds are so addictive...I have noticed them popping up in my own decor and little projects almost with me unaware of the fact that..."dang I like birds". This project is just perfect. Isn't such a awesome feeling of accomplishment and crafty coolness to see something in a store that cost a lot of money and then go home and make it yourself for next to nothing?

  19. Love your little birds. So cute.

    Hugs Bente

  20. What a fantastic pin!

    I would love for your to post this gem up on Fall In Love linky party on Wednesday.

    Until then come by and see my spectacular new spice cabinet.

  21. Love both of your birds - the hymn music is divine :) and the printed paper is so pretty, and I love him on the clothspin, it seems he belongs there. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

    Mary @ Redo 101

  22. I love your bird so much, I pinned it on my Pinterest! :)

    Mary @ Redo

  23. Those are adorable...you are so very clever!!

  24. Love this! Very cute and practical. I love your blog!

    Your newest follower,
    (come take a look if you like)

  25. Hey, I hear ya girl. If it looks like a bird, or tweets like a bird; I gotta have it! Very cute. Same way about the sweater. Can only wear one when it's very cold.

  26. Its darling! and of course I totally understand the attraction of bird-like things!

  27. Im the same i love anything with birds on or bird cages. im obsessed and to be honest i dont really even like birds. i love what you have done its great xxx

  28. Yep, I'm a bird fanatic, too! Which is actually quite surprising, considering I spent months of my childhood scared to go outside...after seeing Alfred Hitchcock's movie "The Birds." I think it was seeing "the kind of birds that sit on your finger and
    sing or tie the sash on your dress" some time after that that cured me. lol

    I would love to see you link up to Time Travel Thursday again this week. Be sure to come by tonight and see yourself featured.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  29. Ohhhh he definitely is a cute bird, so pretty and i am glad i discovered your blog its beautiful
    hugs June x

  30. What a precious idea! The little birdie is so sweet. Loved my visit here for Time Travel Thursday.

  31. I think birds are an "always" motif. Timeless and so many ways to interpret them. Your pieces are lovely. Yesterday afternoon there was a windstorm and a flock of black birds seemed to come out of nowhere, land on my lawn, and then flew away. There must have been a hundred of them. What amazing and inspiring phenomena nature creates.


  32. These are so cute! I love to make things like this...feels good and happy! ♥

  33. Your little bird came out great, love it! Laura Cottage and Broome


love to hear from you! ;}