September 11, 2011

With The Greatest Of Easel...

a set of little easels...
how am i supposed to resist tiny itty witty easels?
they are just so small and ridiculously pointless...
all of which means they simply called out to me...
loooooooooooook aaaaaat meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
buyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
youuuuuuuuuu neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed meeeeeeeeee!
and, well, who am i to argue with tiny easels??!!
ring 'em up!

now, if i had some mad painting skills i could envision a miniature
the NYC skyline...
a portrait of Mr. Darcy...
but remember, this is ME we are talking about here...
i glue...
that's what i do...
heats up in a jiff...wham, bam!
no mixing, no
with liberal rest periods for snacking! ;}
the kind of projects that any lazy girl can tackle...
start to finish, before they get too distracted by that
unopened bag of MUNCHOS!

so, i opted for some collage-y creations.

this's & that's...

strings & scraps {from the Graphics Fairy, who else?!}...
{somethings i ordered came wrapped in that brown craft paper...
so i took my fancy-schmancy punches to it and made half a trillion
adorable cut-outs! ;}
ok, maybe only half a billion!

keys, twine and all manner of seafaring objects

naturally, whilst i glued i came up with 20 other ideas....
but they will require many more mini easels!
hmmmmm...maybe they aren't so silly after all! ;}

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  1. Very artistic and clever...I love those little easels and I love what you did with them!

  2. Very did a great job with that gluing and stuff! I love little things too...there must be someone who could analyze that....but, I think I rather not!!

  3. I will be pinning these for sure! So cute!
    Now where do I find these teeny easels?
    hugs from here...

  4. Very cute project! Now I know what to do with those small easels! : )

  5. I think your imagination turned out 2 really nice easels. Perhaps you should find some more if you're on a roll and start a new trend.

  6. Oh my goodness, I love these!! You did a wonderful job transforming them and just for the record...I would have bought them too. So adorably teeny-tiny they are!

    Thank you for your visit today - God Bless!


  7. oh I love these,, where did you find them?

  8. Good heavens - Michael's won't know what has hit them when there's a run on mini-easels!

  9. You are quite the Queen on Glue. These little pieces are just divine. I also have a few tiny easels. They are too cute to resist.

  10. cute title
    cute post
    cute U


  11. I love your little easels and the lovely little collages. Each one is a bit of eye candy.

  12. You are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooo cute! LOVE IT! PIN PIN PIN!


  13. Now see how clever are you - how amazing are those easels wow, I love them and I would have bought them and stuck them in a s=drawer for one day ....which is what I do with most things!! Love them!
    Hugs Chez

  14. Oh my!!! visiting here is always such a delight!!! You made my Monday! Cathy

  15. Hello,

    Love what you did with them!
    They would make a great desk decoration...and even more special with a message...


  16. Gorgeous!!!! I love them, you are really so clever!
    Margaret B

  17. I love the teeny tiny easels and how you magiclly transormed them to be wonderful little treaure houses! I would have jumped to own those as well!!! Happy creating!

  18. You always have such fun with your found objects! YeeHaw!

  19. Those look so good! I have been called by the same mini easels many times and I have resisted thus far, but I think I'm in trouble now!

  20. I am in awe of people like you who can look at something and "see" what it could become. You're so clever! I think I need to hit the "follow button". Maybe some talent will rub off...
    -Karen :)

  21. Simply wonderful!! I adore your tiny works of art!! More, more!


    Art by Karena

    I have a fabulous Giveaway from Interieurs I hope you will come and join!

  22. How cute! I always get the best ideas from you! Marcia

  23. So fun! Yes you should buy more of these ridicky things and glue away! I've been seeing these all over blogland but do I remember to look for them when *I* am in the store? NO! I get overwhelmed when I go in there and i forget why i'm there. Of course if I had unlimited money, that wouldn't be a problem...

    Here lately I've just been buying silly little styrofoam balls. Come see my button/ball garland that I made with them! ♥

  24. oh - i just love these! so charming...xoox

  25. Ha! Love June's comment.. You do never cease to amaze us!
    Great job!

  26. These are so sweet! Your right, there's something a bit pointless about small easels, which makes them really attractive! I love what you did with the canvases, it makes them little things of beauty.


love to hear from you! ;}