September 17, 2011


i do a lot of spooning...

and i'm not quite sure how it all began?

with a teacup? yah, i get it.

or a teapot...

like fritos on a peanut butter & jelly sandwich...
these things just belong together! ;}

i have a small obsession with all-things tea too...

and yet even i find myself asking...

"what's up with all the teaspoons, Skippy?!"

and i have no answer...

i just whip out my camera...

and shoot some more!

maybe Freud...


or Dr. Phil...

can shed some light on this?

do i subconsciously want to eat the glitter so as to become one?

there's a reason Mary Poppins doesn't sing the praises of a spoonful
of seashells!

i guess i could just quit trying to psychoanalyse it...

spoons just make a darn cool prop!

but...i still think there's a deep seated something that
keeps drawing me back to them! ;}


  1. Some people say that obsessive collecting stems from some sort of "trauma" in childhood. I've been collecting silverware for years and when I thought back on it long enough, I remembered my first boyfriend and I had plans to move out together when we turned 18, so I started buying household items. The first thing I bought was silverware....shortly after, we broke up. Not sure if it holds any truth, but you never know! Sorry that was kind of depressing!

  2. Don't call it an it the joy of lovely things, patina and imagined history all rolled up into an evocative photo shoot! Loved it!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love silver cutlery and especially spoons. I keep a small cream pitcher beside my coffee maker with a "mish mash" of silver spoons in it just for stirring! They are so pretty. Love your spray painted ones. What an idea.

  4. Well, I think it is because you like to eat. How do I know this, you ask? Because you are always talking about Fritos...or HoHo's or chocolate or some such. See, your readers are smarter than you thought. Why fly all that way to see Dr.Phil and embarass yourself in front of the world when we can give you the answer right "outing" yourself in front of millions.

    Now I must say that I LOVE your obsession because then I get to reap the rewards of the photos you show (I wanted to say sow-but it didn't work out right).

    My FAVORITE spoon is the one at the top with the sweet little birds on it. I have never seen one like it.

    Hope your weekend is wonderful! xo Diana

  5. Loving all the pictures, the pink spoons and the Mary Englebreit's are my favs. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  6. I adore that spoon with the birds in the first photo.

  7. I just Love all your Photos! I like Pretty Spoons in my Crystal Spooner near the Keurig. I also have a couple different Spooners with Pretty Spoons for different Occasions. All the Spoons are different though, their own History, I like the variety of it!

    Huggs, Nancy

  8. You always have such inspiring photos!

  9. I love spoons too~ can't have enough of them ~ they are a work of are in and by themselves ~ keep spooning ;-)

  10. Love your blog! gorgeous photos!

  11. OH my gosh - LOVE the spoons and the fabulous photos! Only you could do this - you are a creative genius! The photos are dreamy - I love them all! Spoons - shells - bling - it is all so creative!


  12. Oh my goodness those are all
    so beautiful! Your pictures are

  13. Well Skippy, you're right, a spoonful of shells certainly would NOT make the medicine go down but they sure make a cute picture! My favorite is the one with the 4 spoon handles in pastels. ♥

  14. Your spoons are so beautiful.. great photos!


  15. Fantastic photos per usual. I love the obsession with spoons. I have so many of my own. Obsessions that is, not spoons.

  16. I love them too. They are fun to look for and and polish. I like to identify them in my books and they don't take up a lot of space!


  17. Love, love, love that sweet spoon with the birds!

  18. I'm e-mailing Dr. Phil as we speak!!!

    I saw so many shots that I am pinning in this one.
    Yep, my daughter signed me up and (tried) to show me how to do it)
    You've just been pinned.
    hugs from me...

  19. I am always in danger of eating shells. When you get those eensy little snails that like to hide on the grapes or tomatoes in the garden, there is great danger.

    I like your spoons.

  20. What an amazing post. Such gorgeous photos of wonderful things.

    - The Tablescaper


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