September 18, 2011

The Sommelier's Nightmare...

wine corks...
corkage, as it were...
with an abundance of corks, you might expect
swilling and swirling and sniffing.
naaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, not here! ;}

{ source google }
the other day, my sister Kae was asking me if i had seen
those cool initials made from corks? well, yes i had, in fact
but you could have knocked me over with a feather, because
Kae likes a lot of things, none of which include anything that's
Etsy/Anthro/Pintresty style! so, since i have been wanting to
take a crack at one myself, i thought she would be my guinea
pig! ;}

so, i gathered up my cork collection...{no, i don't have the empty bottle
collection that goes with these corks! they are from several sources...ok,
at least two sources! ;} and arranged them in a pleasing fashion....
meaning in the shape of a "k"! well that was easy enough! but really...
how hard could it be? i didn't bother to look for directions anywhere
since it appeared to be pretty cut & dry. had i stumbled up the ultimate
lazy girl project??!!

and now, obviously, we glue...
{Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue was just the ticket...
it's tacky...
and it dries quick...truth in advertising.
unlike the plethora of overnight facial rejuvenation products i have
gathering dust! ;}

and glue...

and glue some more...

did i mention that you will need to keep gluing?

did i say you could stop gluing??!!

no! i didn't!

there's a lot of gluing involved...
but it wasn't until i actually ran out of the tacky glue
that i wanted to set the whole thing on fire! ;}
but i didn't!
i just glued...

this is where the fun really have been waiting for the
fun, haven't you?

so, by this time i was using Aleene's Tacky Gel...
i really need to look back at old posts to see if i mentioned
that i loathed and despised it before...grrrrrrrrrrr!
gel it is...
tacky it ain't!
note the puddling and seepage!
puddling and seepage are not words that one generally associates
with a craft that is progressing swimmingly!
the only thing swimming were my corks!
ankle deep in glue and now attached to the tablet I had them on!
{yah, yah, corks don't have ankles and using paper as your work
surface for a really gluey project is not bright...but it was
within reaching distance...i almost used a tee shirt! ;}

no, the knife was not for harakiri! i had to use it to gingerly PRY
the fabulously "k" shaped corks...from the tablet while
quickly easing the plastic wrap beneath! yes, you do wish you had
a camera for that performance!

phew! done!
but with a few casualties...Utah Beach was less grizzly!

{snooty sidebar}

be sure to place your 2 buck chuck corks at the inner parts of your

and your pricier wine corks on the outer edges where they
can be seen, if for no other reason than to distract people
from all the glue blobs! ;}

so, here's the thing about plastic tends to be plasticy...
and thus, nonporous and does not all!
not one little bit!
sheesh & duh!
needless to say, the entire underside was niiiiiiiiiice and moist before
i went to bed!
you may be thinking, at this point, the directions {and common
sense} might have been a good idea! i was thinking that too...
although still leaning toward the fire idea! but instead,
i flipped the whole thing over and went to bed!

the next day i filled every conceivable nook and cranny with about
30 sticks of hot glue! you could build a house with hot glue!
{i had nixed the idea of using hot glue for the entire project
because i thought it would be too messy...i hate all the spider
webs! great thinking! ;}

finally ready!

if i have to be i? ok!
with just the merest hint of forethought, one ounce of gumption
and a tad less would have been A LOT easier!!!
and if you had an empty frame
and backing that your were gluing the corks onto,
it would literally take minutes!!

and if, as with the example way up at the top of the post...
{the example you have already forgotten about since you
began reading this post yesterday!} you used a wooden
letter as the base, yikes! easier still. silly me, i just don't
have an entire large wooden alphabet at my disposal! ;}

yes, the right side is sagging under it's own weight...much as one
feels after a long day of shopping! ;} but it will be right as rain
when affixed to some sort of base.

Now wasn't that just like a perky episode of The DIY Dish ?
and i think we all understand why they have a show...not me! ;}
but don't you think their ratings would go through the roof if...
just once...they lit something on fire! ;}

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  1. What a cool idea! I have a bunch of corks, too, waiting for a new project!

  2. I would have never thought to save th wine corks. What a neat project. Great post and photos. Have a great week!

  3. What a cool project! We drink wine..and now I need to save the corks! lol And busy some old frames to paint! I just said I wanted to paint frames in the last comment I wrote! I love this idea! Happy Monday! ♥

  4. You are amazing - I'd have pitched it all before very long and would never have had the very nice cork initial to show for it. Was your sister impressed?

  5. Well done!!! Don't save the corks but might start if I could get enough for a project that this one! Cathy

  6. Wow, it came out great! At first I thought, well my husband never throws out a cork, so I could do this...and after the tutorial I am quite sure that I would never have the patience. Kudos to your is magnificent!

  7. This is a fabulous project!! It might have posed a few issues for you along the way but it was worth turned out great.

  8. I have been collecting corks from the USA and Italy for years and years...even have all my friends saving them for me. I keep thinking I am going to make some message boards out of them, but that idea just hadn't turned me on. BUT, your idea of the letters is a super one. I think I will have to give it a try. Loved the way you led us through your steps with such humor. I really loved the post and have it bookmarked for future use. genie

  9. "cat hair optional..." OMG, I nearly bust a gut on that one! Let me just say this at once -- you have WAY more patience than I do! ;) xoxo

  10. Looks great - I love corks!

    Dropping by from Met Monday.

    Vintage Gumwood Cabinet Kitchen

  11. This is awesome!!!! I am such a huge wine drinker, hense all my posts about wine, napa, and wine bars lol. Your writing is hilarious and so fun! I am going to have to try to make this! This is too cool!

  12. Really cute idea. I have plenty of corks so I might have to try this.

  13. WOW! I need to get me some wine corks. What a beautiful project!

  14. Too funny! I sure got a good laugh out of this one. The cat hair was just the cherry on top. Anyway, it all turned out great! Love it! I have about enough corks to make half of the letter I. Would love to make one, not sure how an O would look. Oh well, still gonna start gathering more corks. I do have a frame that would work great. Thought I might mention. Hobby Lobby carries a glue called 'Ultimate Glue'. It really works alot better than tacky. If you ask me, tacky is TACKY! Just couldn't resist!

  15. Such a hilarious post.
    Hilarious story and pretty pics. I can so relate: I see something that looks awesome and easy, and think "Shoot I have 20 minutes" and jump in without planning our research. Your final outcome was fabulous. We have tons O corks, (does that make me a wine-o?) and I think I will be doing this glue gun in hand of course.

  16. What! No Wood Alphabet Letters at your disposal! Where have you been, we all have them!! Several sets, sizes, etc!!(he,he) It looks wonderful, I admire you for carrying this through, I would have turned it into a new floatie for the pool!

    Huggs, Nancy

  17. Oh I love the way you have written this up! Brilliant. Like the K as well and think I need to start looking around for corks!

  18. Thanks for the giggle! I thought the wonkiness made it look like one of the machines from Star Wars - I have no idea what they're called and I'm too sleep-deprived to google it.

  19. Very interesting idea. I enjoyed the giggle I got from reading your funny instructions. V

  20. How creative...and your posts had me laughing all the way through. Love your humor. I have a whole box of old corks that I won on ebay and I've been wondering what to do with them. You've started my creation wheels turning. (or maybe I should just send them all to you...LOL)
    Blessings & hugs,

  21. It looks great and I loved your tutorial. We could be friends. hehehe

  22. I love those corks...I am gathering myself for some crazy or at least practical and useful projects...but still I have a lot of wine to drink, in order to have enough!!!!
    Love your letter, not to mention that gorgeous paper rose in the sugar bowl?!?! or whatever this lovely white ceramic thing is...

  23. Well, I wouldn't care if you lit your garbage can on fire! I'd still swing by to read your take on the event! :)

    Thanks for entertaining me once again. Cool K!!


  24. Great project! Very creative and so cute. I too started collecting corks. Your humor makes it so interesting and cute to read.

  25. What a cool and creative project! Thanks so much for the demo.

  26. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a nice week,

  27. Being the lush that i am I have a whole container of corks I've been wanting to do a craft with!! I think I will cheat and glue mine onto a plywood letter...I'll let you now how that goes...but I love how yours turned out, glue and all!

  28. Oh wow this is such a great idea! I'm sorry it was so frustrating for you but the tutorial was great! Seriously I love this. :) I'm a new follower too!

  29. I love wine cork projects and this would make a super cute gift for a wine lover, too. Thanks for sharing!
    visiting from BNOTP~
    Heidi @ Show Some Decor

  30. Great project and I enjoyed the laughs along the way!

  31. So often I have the same problem with recipes - if I had just changed one thing at the beginning, I would not have the same problem!

  32. Ok wait - that comment made absolutely no sense but I had already clicked publish when I started re-reading it. But it's late at night and I can't think of how to make it comprehensible. So...

    ne'er mind me.

  33. ohhh and I just threw a handful of wine corks away...keeping only one to keep my cork screw from being pointy in my utility drawer. Here I was on my way to copying such a fun idea! Have to drink more wine. Your blog is always so much FUN!! ps love the "K"

  34. What fun....I will never look at another wine cork without remembering your sweet project. Hugs to you. xoxo

  35. Just think of all that lovely wine you missed out on drinking!

  36. Love your cork letter! I might have to make a K too as my last name starts with K. I have been saving corks for years not knowing what I was going to do with them. I have a couple Charles Shaw too. I'll have to hide them. :0) Don't want to be known as a cheapy.

  37. Your so funny! This came out really cute, I especially like the corks with the dates on them.

  38. okay that's really cool. we don't drink, so not sure where all the corks would come from but makes me want to take it up:)

  39. LOLOL...aaahh, this was great! after a long day at the pharmacy, I needed a good laugh. You are too funny. I like this project, and will definitely be using my big jar of corks for this.
    Not that I drink a lot of wine...all the time...but I have wanted to use them for something, and this will be great!
    Thanks for sharing.

  40. This looks great. I plan to give it a try too. I just ordered a big back of corks!
    ~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking...

  41. Turned out great! I save mine. Lol...will remember to save the good wine corks for the outer edges.

  42. Boy do I hope Kae is reading this. She needs to know how much her little sis would do for her!!! I for one am glad you love her so much so I can get my laughs when I read your tutorials. The best tutes in blogland!!!!
    big hugs...

  43. Really fun...I have a bunch of wine corks saved up. May have to give this a try! Visiting from SNS :) Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  44. Great idea!!! I see a Christmas gift in the making ♥

  45. Oh this is cork wonderfulness! I was so excited when I saw you joined me. I love your blog. It all turned out very nice. Drinking the wine would be what I would be better at and did you say light something on fire? What a great idea for the projects that don't go so well.Ha!
    Thank you for linking it up to Home Sweet Home!

  46. What a good idea. You are so kreative

    Have a nice evening


  47. What a uniquely beautiful idea. Love your framed cork letters....awesome!

  48. No doubt, you could take the most mundane task and make it into a stand-up comedy routine! Not only are your projects fun, but you present them in such a hilarious way. ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  49. This is such a lovely idea! I would love to feature it on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Thanks!


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