September 28, 2011

A Little Bit Fishy!

starfishy, to be exact!
and 2 dozen of those, to be even exacter!
come know you want 'em!
so, come and get 'em!
or rather go and get 'em!
miss maya, queen of all things Completely Coastal having a starfishylicious give away!
24 pristine finger starfish...or sea stars, if you prefer...
these are my choice for painting and glittering and
all the silly things i like to do to the poor defenseless
asteroidea {i totally looked that up! ;}.

best of luck!


  1. Fishy indeed!....better than crabby!

  2. Remind me to pull my arms in when I visit...because with head, arms, legs-I have FIVE points too and I would hate to be glitterfied-unless of course I was going to be the STAR at a ball...thanks - I will pop by Completely Coastal! xo Diana

  3. should win by default....who would love them more than you???

  4. You're the best!! Thank you so much. Ceekay is funny..., true, you SHOULD win by default, but I will have to let some random number picking tool decide. Fun to read what people would do if they won.

  5. I'm in! You know how much I like white and starfish.

  6. how wonderful. Thank you for sharing xo

  7. These are adorable....and I do love them. Hugs for a great weekend.


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