September 8, 2011

Just One Flake?

it's so cool{ish} this morning that i was expecting to see a
scene like this outside!

yah, yah...i know better...but a girl can dream, can't she?
and if she was to dream, you'd think she'd use every last
ounce of energy dreaming of a size 4 derriere...not snow!

i have no right to complain...all y'all {i use that with confidence
since i have been hearing it for the last few days from visitors!;}
in Texas & Oklahoma are baking and burning when we are just
in the midst of our usual end-of-summer-schvitz!

so, i will try to stop whining.
and just enjoy the coolness for the few hours it lasts.
because i know at about highnoon...
i will be looking...
and acting, much like the above!
watch out, ya'll! ;}


  1. You brought a great smile to my face..
    Love it!

  2. We got such a late start to summer that I was beginning to think we weren't going to have summer this year. For the past week we've had unseasonably warm weather that has zapped my energy and has left me limp as a rag and I've gotten nothing accomplished all week. I saw your snow photos and felt instantly refreshed, at least for a moment that is. Think I'll hang around your site for most of the day if you don't mind.

  3. we get this kind of a beautiful dream up here in montana well you see im from ca the monterey coastal side and i always longed for a beautiful snow morning and got nothing but fog!!!! now i welcome winter with open arms and a warm sweater keep the dreams coming for maybe one day it will happen xoxo sherri

  4. It's a cooker here too...even my sons in San Diego are complaining and they live about a mile from the beach!! Those snow scenes cooled me off though...or maybe it was the ceiling fan and the A/C turned on full blast!!

  5. Aw... I understand. I grew up in the shadow of Mount Rainier and then moved to Texas for 11 years. I thought I would die from lack of snow! You really should take a vaca up the coast this winter and go sledding!

    Oh and a size 4? I think the only time I was ever a size 4 is when I WAS 4!

  6. Bless you ;-)) Hope you have a good relaxing day, dee x

  7. Snow in the OC? Don't hold your breath! You can tell it's September by the quietness of the day and the shadows on your driveway.

  8. I love the snow and cooler temps. It's 85 here today...ugh...xo Katherine
    P.S. new giveaway started today

  9. No way could you turn from your normally sweet cool cat self into THAT cat! xo Diana

  10. You'd best get your duvet out and start bringing in the kindling.

  11. Oh, I would LOVE to see snow like in those pics. If we're lucky, it'll be at least in the 60's here (Texas) by say.... the end of November? ;o)


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