September 13, 2011

I Am Here...To "Pump" You Up!

lo these many years of blogging...{what's it been? 10, 20 years now?
no? it just feels that way to you, right? ;} i have done many "artistic"
{read: "odd" ;} things to poor defenseless fake pumpkins.

and the little styrofoam suckers never saw it coming!

or they would have run screaming from my clutches in a vain attempt
to maintain any small vestige of their pumpkinly dignity!

bummer for them...i may be lazy...but even on a bad day, i
can outrun a foam pumpkin! {i'm not quite sure if i just dissed
or complimented myself there...i'll have to get back to you on
that! ;}

and as the leaves begin to turn, i see all the magazines filled with so
many new and inventive {and downright freaky!} ideas for Fall 2011...

it got me to wondering, 'what in the world can i do this year?'

unfortunately, cat hair covered pumpkins are not in fashion this season...
so, i will need to think a bit farther outside the box...and get a new lint

so, what are your newfangled ideas this fine Fall for
"pimping your pumpkins"?
"faux" this or that?
or will you just go completely nuts and leave them "as is"?
let's hear it!

Saturday Night Special @ Funky Junk Interiors


  1. I loved this post... thanks for the grins! It's funny but at certain times of the year I am drawn to glitter like no other so your last one is my fav. oh and the first gold one in the milkglass bowl oh and the one that you decoupaged in book pages and then glittered oh and...
    I have 2 from last year that I got as far as the book pages and then I think the season was over. I missed my chance last year but I have them on the table ready for their makeovers! t. xoxo

  2. Love you and your posts. Stick with us for another 50 years would you

  3. LOVE LOVE L*O*V*E that last pumpkin! OMOGOSH....LOVE IT!


  4. Oh, they are fantastic.

    Have a nice day

  5. It really is that time of year again isn't it? YAY!!! My favorite! I loved seeing all of your happy pumpkin creations! You have officially inspired me to treat my pumpkins with a little dignity and give them some accessories this year! Thank you for however long you've been blogging! :-) I just found you and love it!!!

  6. Fall is my favorite time of the year and I adore all of your pumpkin ideas!

  7. What ever you do will be amazing..... I love the flowery ones they are soooo pretty!

  8. I love all your pumpkins...I seem to just glitter them gave me new ideas and a giggle too!!

  9. your pumpkins are adorable! as for me...i have yet to take mine out of the "attic." lol! ;)

  10. Well, I love ALL of these pumpkins and those fabric covered ones are just adorable. I think I have to cover up some of those little styrofoam suckers myself now. Thanks for the inspiration. Have I told you lately that you are My Hero? Oh...wait...I live with will have to be My Heroess! xo Diana

  11. Wow, I love so many of the ones you've done already! Love the pink and white one; and the fabric(?) covered ones.

  12. My new ideas for pumpkins this year is to copy all of your ideas! Who could improve on that!!!

  13. All the pumpkins seem to be singing with fall joy that they aren't just orange. Thanks for sharing your post and pumpkin ideas.

  14. All those pumpkins are really pumping ;) Simply gorgeous!!! Not to mention the glitter used to give that additional them all...

  15. Leave as is? What a concept! I'm going to try some dotty pumpkins this year as well as the same ole nursery ones! ♥

  16. Oh my gosh...I loved this post you are do all of those lovely things to a plain ole white styrofoam pumpkin! AMAZING...

    xoxo Gert

  17. I love what you do with your pumpkins. It makes me want to throw away all my things and start over!

  18. Holy cow M. did you really make all these pumpkins beautiful??? I am so going to steal some of these. I WANT a gold pumpkin...anything but orange. Orange just makes me cringe.

  19. I just want you to come to my house and decorate it all!

    I just saw a blogger who monogrammed real pumpkins with nails. Cool, huh?

  20. Wow... gorgeous! Hard to believe they were once orange isn't it? :)



love to hear from you! ;}