September 16, 2011

For Corn Sake! PLEASE READ!!!!!

so, here's the deal...
you leave a comment on this blog...and within that comment
you ask a question...
that's just fine and dandy...until i click on your link and i see
"no reply comment" because you don't have your email address
activated... {wailing and gnashing of teeth ensue!}

well, to rectify this dire situation, Donna the Funky Junk Queen
has spelled out the remedy VERY CLEARLY in her post

Activate your profile / email

What it does

If your profile is activated, this provides a means in which we can #1 email you IF you activate email, and #2 - you'll show up in other's email notifications. Which is truly what you want. Trust me.


Let's say you leave me a comment and I want to write you back. If I need to go hunt down your blog (which one, anyway? many of you have more than one), then leave a comment on some non applicable post in order to reach you, chances are I won't do it.

How do I KNOW you don't have your email or profile activated? Because when I go try and email you, your email address shows up as noreply. Which really means NO REPLY. Which means I can send it but it won't get to you.

Leery on having a profile for security reasons? Leave your profile blank but at least activate a new hotmail email account you can later delete if going public isn't working for you. However, if you're public with a blog, you really ought to go public with an email. It's good PR for your visitors.

How to activate your profile and email

#1. CREATE a profile if you don't have one already. This is somewhere in your initial blog settings.

#2. Once created, you need to activate it.

look to the upper left
select edit profile

under privacy -
select - show my profile
select - show my email address

under identity -
ADD - your desired online email address

click save profile

And while we are on this subject...she also gives you the skinny
regarding the necessity {OR LACK THEREOF!!!} of using the
word verification feature....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
I'm guessing that very few of you actually work for NASA or
the CIA, so the need for all these layers of security is befuddling!
as i have moaned about before, i have THE WORST internet
service in the world! so, here, in the seventh circle of hell, if i
have to click from here to there and there again to leave you a
comment, well to put it bluntly, after about 5 minutes, i tend to
lose heart, am completely knackered and am not only in need of
some chocolate...but quite possible a chocolate martini!

all you have to do is adjust your settings correctly {as perfectly
detailed HERE!!!!! by Donna} and you will receive your
comments directly into your email INBOX, where you can read them
and then decide to publish or NOT to publish them...easy as that! and your
readers will not feel like dancing circus poodles in tutus jumping through
so many hoops {hey, i'm not judging...a tutu in the privacy of your
own home is none of my business! ;}

So PUH-LEEEEZ! for the sake of all that is good...for pete's sake...
for mercy's sake...for pity's sake...for my sanity's sake {although
that ship may have already sailed! ;} Spend some quality time
reading Donna's action-packed post and learn how to...VERY
EASILY...make your blog MUCH more user friendly!!!

from the bottom of my heart! Now let us go forth an harmoniously blog
together! ;}

{ps. the images included have nothing whatsoever to do with this
post...or with the price of tea in China for that matter...i just had
to throw them in there because what is a post without pictures??!! ;}


  1. I read Donna's blog and took her advice. I now receive comments on my email and can reply back right there! Simple! And I don't have word verification either (never did). I hope your readers will follow this too. It does make it easier to comment and respond. Have a great weekend! Pamela

  2. ...bravo!!
    FINALLY someone else who is annoyed by the "privacy blanket" blogger installs!!

    whew, now that THAT has been addressed

    *do you have an etsy shop??

    (i really want to know this!)
    (that, and does my email function work on my blog ~ lol!!))
    ((and while your at it, do you have to jump through any hoops to comment on my blog??!))

    seriously, i mean if you happen to be in the area and are so inclined:) i'd appriciate the feedback!

    xo, Rosemary

    p.s. i'm serious about that etsy "?"

  3. Great tips! And especially now that I have to WAIT seconds between each click to get things done on the net! ♥

  4. I really appreciate this information, THANK YOU!
    XXX Ido

  5. That was funny as anything - I'm totally stuck on the idea of a chocolate martini!


  6. You always have such pretty pictures in your posts, AND yours is one of only a handful that I actually READ. I always enjoy your posts so much!

    I totally agree with you about the 'noreply'. Sometimes, I like to just reply to the comments left on my blog and let people know that I appreciate their visit. It's very frustrating to hit that 'noreply' wall.

    And, the code words, especially those you can't even read, make me want to pull my hair out!!!

    Great post!

  7. LOL!! My instructions are BORING compared to your style of delivery. :)


  8. Good for you!.. I have also given this lecture and really I don't want to be a nag about it but what is up with not- fixing it??.. I don't get that and then I feel guilty, then I eat chocolate then I am fat(er).. Not good.. people please fix this!


  9. And Amen! If this were Facebook, I would LIKE this! I think Google should just plain B-A-N word verification. Biggest waste of time e-vah! Great post!

  10. Amen sister. I try to reply to those who comment and half the time I'm not paying attention and I get this thank you for stopping by, etc. all ready and realize it says no reply. I'm linking your most appreciated remedy for this to my blog too.

  11. THANK YOU!
    I have always wanted to know how to your comments show under your post so you can scroll up read and comment,its perfect,hope i got everything else right too,

  12. I understand your dilemma, don't usually ask a question. but thought It automatically went to the email I set up in the account. I guess I need to check out my profile. Thanks for taking the time to educate us. A lot of us don't run a blog so we aren't savey enough to do it right. I hope your help has been valuable enough to end your frustration. But you know This might be a section you would want to post on your fb page, just for an FYI.

    Have a wonderful day....

  13. Thanks for the had me laughing out loud too! Thanks!
    Blessings & hugs,

  14. I was a no reply girl, and I had no idea until this post! Thanks so much for opening my eyes, and making me laugh too!

  15. Girl you are cracking me up !!! I read Donna's blog and totally agree with her and wish everyone would do these things ~

    I have to check my setting just to make sure in all of my frustrations that I am not a blog like that ~ hahaha!

  16. Ok, lets try this again (my mistake). WOW! I have just learned another part of blogging that I'm sure is going to make it soooo much easier for me to get into it (have been trying on & off for 5 years now). This winter is it!

    p.s. I love Funky Junk and now I will be following OC on an almost daily basis. Thank You!

  17. I am still in the dark ages. Everything is changing on a daily basis it seems and so I can't keep up. I do believe I have my email accessable. And I hate word varifications...I used to have it and once I got rid of it I never ever have had a problem with spam or negative anonymous comments. Not ever! But I still view all my comments on my laptop(its too tiny to see on my blackberry) and I go visit blogs to comment back. Which I haven't been doing much of lately because I needed to stop spending so many hours blogging. You know it can consume me all day sometimes. I need to get back to living. PLEASE let me know if I am wrong and my blogs email is not accessible. thank you. You can yell at me! tee hee

  18. So tell me honestly my blog comment friendly???? I hope so, because I don't want jumping from the bridge over my blog. hahaha
    I guess I could just leave myself a comment to find out couldn't I? The only thing good about word verification is laughing about some of the very badly spelled words I can make out of it!
    Now I'm off to find out how comment friendly my blog is!

    By the way, I love your chintz dishes. How could you ever lose track of those?

  19. Love the pictures you included with this! :)

  20. oh baby,baby,baby-you speak for so many of us...that's what I LOVE about you! Now where is that word verifier thingy?;>) No reply please..xo Diana

  21. Amen.. we all like to be able to leave a note on blogs we like or on comments received.

  22. I love the advice! I sure need it since I am so new to this! Your pictures are stunning and I am so excited to be your newest follower! Also thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment! Have a beautiful day!!!

  23. Great information - I don't know if I have word verification or not . . . gotta check! But what I really zeroed on was the chocolate martini. Do you have the recipe!! Love, Linda

  24. I'm one of those..blogger no reply people..Yikes, At the risk of being kicked out of blog land I respectfully wanted to explain why. I feel so honored when people take a minute out of their busy day to look at some stupid minuscule project I have done, it is sooo appreciated because no one in my real life gets what I do, except other like minded bloggers. I feel I owe them the same, I visit their blogs and in the process I get to know them, their lives, struggles, and sometimes tragedies. If people don't get back to me because I have "no reply" on I am totally fine with that really I am. I so totally understand people have busy lives and it is not possible to respond to comments by going to peoples blogs. I would never stop visiting them just because they never comment back, I don't comment to get a comment, I comment just to comment. If people really want to get to know me they will visit me back. I realize I may never have a huge blog and if I ever did it would be tough to get back to everyone, but I would try to visit people as best I could. When I ask people a question they come back to my blog and answer it in the comments or my email which is very visible on my side bar, and I do the same. Oh please don't take offense to this, I love your blog, I just wanted you to know that sometimes it is a choice, not just a lack of knowledge....Now, lets talk about word verification YIKKES it drives me Crazy LOL!


  25. You are cracking me up!! :) This is all so true!! Thanks for sharing!!

  26. Thank you, thank you for sweetly chastising those no-reply bloggers. Really, why have a blog if you don't want to be visited back? Now if you could just as sweetly tell those with word verification to STOP, I think we all would be grateful! Are there those out there who really get oodles of spam messages that need that extra step? I guess I'm just not popular enough.

  27. This is to Polka Dot Closet... I'm still uncertain why you're choosing to be a noreply.. is it because you don't wish to give your email out? You can always fire up a free hotmail account you can later delete if you wish.

    Leaving an easy way for your followers to communicate with you is just good 'blog etiquette'. I hope you'll reconsider some day! Because then I could have a one on one chat with you personally rather than here. :)


  28. I've checked all my settings! Thanks for the invite!

  29. Baha ha ha ha!!! Someone get this lady a full bar, forget the one martini. Lol. Love this post. Great Job. :)


love to hear from you! ;}