September 15, 2011

Bowled Over...

while rummaging through my kitchen pantry i noticed a stack of things...
in a dark corner...{this is not unusual for me...hoarding 101 ;}

paper plates and napkins were on top, but i knew that the whole stack
was not entirely paper goods...{i knew this because all my paper goods
are on another shelf! ;}

hmmmm....what was under there?
{of course, i couldn't remember...i can't remember what i had for lunch yesterday! ;}

{i'll will not go into great detail regarding the next part as it required
crouching, squatting and other indelicate actions! ;}

well, mercy sakes alive! so thaaaaaat's where those beauties have been!

yep, it was a glorious stack of royal winton chintz serving bowls!

poor things! they used to be ohhhhhhhed & aaaaaahhed the crown jewels!

and then, through no fault of their own...merely the fickle finger of fate...
the were banished!

ok, banish is a strong word {it just sound really good with all the drama i
was building up! ;} let's say...cast aside like a bastard child? no, no! again
with the drama...and waaaaaay too much BBC for me!

plain and simple.

but they are darn cute! too darn cute to sit in a dark corner...
so, i think i will bring them out into the light again.

what say you? ;}

Feathered Nest Friday @ French Country Cottage
Pink Saturday @ How Sweet The Sound


  1. So lovely.How happy you must be to re-find them.I may or may not have a few lost items like that (or 100...)Enjoy!

  2. You didn't hear them screaming...let me out!!! I am so glad your freed them from their probably should buy them a new would put you back on their fave list!! (seriously, I gotta get out more, I am losing my everlovin mind!!)

  3. Beautiful collection... I love those vintage type plates... they are simply beautiful...
    Please come and have a cup of tea with me …I baked a delicacies Cheese Strawberry Cake…

  4. ooooooohhhh- those are fantastic! All I ever find in the back of my cupboards are crumbs, a stray plastic fork, and maybe something that once resembled dried fruit.

  5. Take them out INDEED, my friend! they were meant to be admired- not banished! (I liked banished)
    I still cherish the little bitty one you gave me. :)

    I have a cupboard where things hide and you have to do exercizes to get back into. Even my boy says that cupboard is horrible! But I promise, there is nothing PRETTY back in there! ♥

  6. The glorious "forgotten's" hidden right under our noses! Oh happy day!


  7. I think that they are absolutely beautiful and will be wonderful in the light of the day on some fall morning ~ when you create ;-) Can't wait to see what you do with them

  8. Very pretty plates! I would use just about any excuse to set those babies on my table!


  9. I'd say if you're going to be hiding them away in a dark corner then you need to box them up and send them my way. They're much too lovely to be stuck in a dark corner of a cupboard.

  10. What a shame to hide them away. I'm really glad that you have brought them out for all to see. I wish that they were mine!!

  11. Much to pretty to hide in a dark corner.

  12. Oh yes, put them out where you can see them.
    I've done the same thing - it's like Christmas, finding a forgotten goody.

  13. ohh I'd be doin' a little happy dance to have found those babies !
    They definitely need to be OUT of the Closet !!!

  14. What beauties! I bet if felt like Christmas to find them, again!
    They should always be out to be admired as they are truly beautiful! I love the shells in them....

  15. Haha! I'm trying hard to unstuff also. ;-)

    They're way too cute to be hidden.

  16. i'd say YES! bring those babies out in the daylite ! and Quick like! ooo too lovely to be hidden in some corner ~ yikes! in fact i think i've a teacup to match one of them!
    we should get them together for tea and some treat in your dish, what say you? =)) enjoy!

  17. HPS!

    I love your plates, they are fabulous and look great together!


  18. Oh my gosh--they are gorgeous!!! You're welcome to link up to my Shabby Chic Girls' Club party too!!! It's my one and only party for my new blog.

  19. My goodness what a wonderful collection! I love Royal Winton chintz! And the contrast of the glorious florals and the white shells is gorgeous! Thanks for a wonderful post! I don't think I have met you before. How nice!

  20. I say if you ever want to sell them please let ME


  21. Wow - it's like Christmas when you find hidden treasure as wonderful as these serving pieces! (not that I've ever done that LOL!)

    Happy Pink Saturday to you!


  22. They are gorgeous!!!
    What a great find and you didn't even have to go far to find them :-)
    Happy Pink Saturday.
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  23. Promise that you will never let these beauties be unused or hidden again.

  24. so lovely. How nice to find your hidden treasurer.Hugs and wishes for a weekend filled with Happy!

  25. So funny. I love blogs that make me laugh. Good one with "bastard child" line...BBC does rub off on a person doesn't it. I just joined Pink Saturday and so glad that I have because of all the kindred-spirited blogs I have found (like I need more blogs to daze out in front of while my children destroy my house). I loved the bowl with the pink and black, one of my favorite combinations. And by the way I went poking around at some of your other posts and LOVED your Jane Austin posts. It reminds me that it has been a few years since I have read Pride and Prejudice. And should do so again this Winter.
    Will be stopping in again,

  26. Soooo pretty!! How lucky for us that you ran across these beauties! Thanks for sharing.

  27. Hi there~ Just stopping back by to look at your gorgeous dishes again and say thank you for sharing them at Feathered Nest Friday! :)


love to hear from you! ;}