August 21, 2011

While It's Still Summer...GIVE AWAY!

Paulette of Summerland Cottage Studio fame is teaming up with us
for a pair of sand-tastic give aways!

from our cottage...we present the sea green pail above...
ok, and the shells, you drive a hard bargain! ;}

a set of 60 fun scrabble-esque mini-letter tiles...
no, they are not something anyone actually needs!
but they sure are fun!

a vintage inspired brass padlock...
to secure that chest of gold you are hoarding...
set on a stack of old books...
or to fend of cads and mashers!

a shellicious swag! 54" of summery-ness!

10 rope covered spheres in various sizes...
displayed in a basket or a bowl...
for that spur-of-the-moment bocce game...
or trendy pet decide! ;}

a sweet little sandcastle add that little bit of
beachy-ness to your cottage all year-round!

a right purdy paper parasol! 28" of actual functionality, to keep those
freckles at bay, leaning in the perfect corner or hanging from your ceiling
or tree full of white fairy lights!!!! tres dreameux!

and for that fresh summery smell...
clean cotton fragrance oil.
it has a million and 1 uses besides just plain sniffing!

so, there you have it.
those are the goods!
should any of them tickle your fancy,
all you need to do is leave s comment before midnight {pacific}
saturday august 27st!
winners announced august 28th.


anyone, anywhere...if you don't have a blog PLEASE
leave an email address!!!


you MUST to leave your comment over at Summerland Cottage !
that's right!
the winner of our give away will be picked from among
Paulette's comments!
Paulette's winner AND our winner will both be chosen from Paulette's comments only!
get it? ;} One comment for a chance to win either give away!
hey! I'm just looking out for you!
I want to make darn sure that you don't miss out on
Summerland Cottage's
amazing give away too!!!!

oh my! i am intrigued!

hi! how cute are you!

and these are but mere glimpses of what she has in store for you!

so pop on over to Summerland Cottage ...
check out Paulette's details and give away too,
then leave a comment for your chance to win!

Good Life Wednesday @ A Beach Cottage


  1. Well, I will pop over to Paulette's blog but FIRST I HAVE TO TELL YOU that I am so excited to share this!! Remember me talking about the Littles? Well, I am ON A SHORT GETAWAY...we pull up into this campground in Grand Marias, MI AND~~~~Lo and behold, there is a PLAQUE there telling about the person that donated the land to the park AND that MAN was the one that created the Teenie Weenies! God plays the funniest jokes on me, doesn't He? So, my dear, here is the link to all you ever wanted to know about the Teenie Weenies!

  2. On my way. But first leaving some ♥ on your lovely blog.

  3. Heading over to Summerland but first I have to say Thank~you for the wonderful mail you returned to me on Glittering Shells!! This Give Away of yours is just so generous!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  4. What a fantastic giveaway!

  5. thanks for the great giveaway both of you.
    going over to enter now.

    barbara jean

  6. I went over to Paulette's blog and it won't let me post a comment. For some reason, I keep getting a page saying my gmail account won't let access that page. And there's no way to sign an anonymous comment, and I couldn't find a place to email her.
    So, I was hoping, you would read my comment here, and somehow get me entered. Here's my comment for Paulette's blog:

    What amazing pieces in both giveaways. I would love to win.
    Wendy W

    Any suggestions would be great.

  7. Generous giveaway. I'm heading over now. Hugs

  8. Thank you for this beautiful giveaway! She has a beautiful blog!

  9. I love LOVE love all this stuff! I think we must be related- I sent the link to my bff and she wanted to know how long I had been writing this blog without telling her! :)

  10. Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog today. We will be safe. storm looks like it may bypass us here in the Low country of SC. Thanks for the give away! I am already a follower. I love your blog.


  11. Wow! That's exciting to join.
    I love those giveaway items.

    Cass from Learn How To Read Tablature

  12. M you guys sure know how to do giveaways. I'm off to Paulette's now!

  13. You are the greatest!!! Thank you so much for this terrific opportunity. You put a smile on my face and will help stretch summer a little longer :-)
    Off to Paulette's.
    Cheers, jj

  14. oh so beachalicious! I love Paulette's blog, and yours, which i found through hers... (??) look forward to the Lazy Girl's guide out in print!

  15. I just entered on Paulette's Summerland blog. Thank you for offering such an amazing give-away! My daughter has a beach themed apartment & these would look super in it!

  16. This is a wonderful giveaway. I just got back from a shortened trip to the beach and I didn't get any shells. Maybe this will be my chance. Thanks. Gotta run over to Paulette's.

  17. That shellicious strand and those rope balls are beautiful! Love them!

    xo Lynda

  18. Thank you for sharing these delightful giveaways! I ran over to Paulette's blog and entered. ;-)

  19. Hi dear! Congratulations to the lucky winner and to you, dear, for the lovely and marvelous candy you shared with us! I confess I was dreaming about it! :))) God bless and have a wonderful time! :D


love to hear from you! ;}