August 26, 2011

What's Pink & White...And Summery All Over?

Well, holy cats! I cannot see any more! I must now have eyes akin to
Mr. Magoo's! My "light, bright, airy, summery" mosaic...when
enlarged...looks muddy and ickitty!
Sorry about looked ok before I jumbo sized it...
I am getting OLD!
And blind!
And...I'll stop there... ;}
Happy Weekend! Happy Almost-End-Of-Summer! Now, I know
some of you simply rue the closing days of Summer...but you know me...
hot, sun, "glowing"...they are just NOT my thing! And we are in the midst
of a schvitz here in Cali!
Hair...unintentionally fluffy
struggling to remain "powder fresh"!
TMI? Again, sorry. I am blind AND whiny!
And I will suck it right up and be praying for all you who
lie in IRENE'S path! Please head to high ground and be safe!!!!
You know the whole nation is praying for you!!!!
Please "check-in" and let us know you're ok!!!

SUMMERY GIVE AWAY !!! Just click HERE to check it out!!

Pink Saturday @ How Sweet The Sound


  1. Such pretty pretty images...xoxox

  2. Yes-I think we all need to pray for those in Irene's path.

    Your collage does NOT look muddy on this end at all-it looks fresh and lovely..unless, of course, MY OWN eyes are bad! Could be, I suppose...but not likely.

    Can ya leave me a bit of summer yet? We got a LATE start and now I see some leaves changing and I barely got my summer underwear outta the drawer...TMI? Yeah..okay... Have a great Friday night- xo Diana

  3. Hey M, I just got Summer here and now you want me to give it up??? I'll go into Fall kicking and screaming.
    I just barely got a tan on my legs I can be proud of and now I'll have to wear long undies? Oh just give me a few more days okay?
    sending hugs...

  4. Beautiful and lovely pink things. I'm heading into Spring and looking forward to it! Your mosaic is great - Happy Ps

  5. I'm hanging on to summer (such as it is) for as long as I can. Your collages look beautiful from here!

  6. Oh, I'm loving that glittery pink seashell wreath!! Beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. I think your mosaic is light and airy and has an ethereal look to it. Very pretty and thank you for the positive hurricane thoughts...just sitting here waiting on the Jersey Shore.

  8. Pretty pinks to wrap up summer!

  9. I love your mosaic. My eyes must be getting dim too. :-) We will get lots of rain and wind here in N.B. (Eastern Canada, next to Maine) but today is simply gorgeous! We'll batten down later on ie. put all the flower pots and baskets in the garage for 2 days! Enjoy the weekend.

  10. Great blog.... We are waiting for Irene here in NJ. We are close to the PA border... So we shouldn't get the worse of it.

    Your collage looks lovely. I enjoy summer, but the fall is my favorite time of year.


  11. I agree with June. It's just started feeling like summer here and I'm not ready to let go of it just yet. Summer should last longer than a few short weeks. Your collage is lovely from where I'm sitting but I've got eyes like an old bat. Have a lovely weekend.

  12. Oh how pretty! I just love those glitter starfish!

  13. Your blog is beautiful! So glad I found it today. Will visit again soon! Happy weekend to you ;-)

  14. even a little fuzzy I LOVE your collages they are sooooo pretty.

  15. Your mosaic is lovely and looks fine to me. I actually wondereed what effect you had on the images and it looked really nice!!

  16. pretty in pink. I know what you mean about your eye sight. but really this is lovely. Hugs

  17. yes please, a bit of coolness and fog would be most welcome... we're sweltering even up here at 5600 feet! I think i'm about to paint everything in my house pale green and white...


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