August 2, 2011

Summer Sun...No SPF Required!

there's a certain way the sun looks during the summer...
{unless, of course, you are in the southern hemisphere,
and it's winter, so just ignore me...or remember this
for later! ;}

and maybe this just applies to my area...since at any second
we can have coastal cloudiness...

but the summer sun always seems a bit more golden than it does at any
other time of year.
{no, this is not an ad for the tourism board...there are enough
of us here already! But just so you know...our state flower if the
cali poppy and our motto is "EUREKA!"...just preparing you
for your jeopardy you can confidently say, "i'll
take stuff no one really cares about california, for $5000, alex".
we also have one of the highest tax rates in the US...see, wearing
shorts 364 days a year has it's drawbacks, eh?! ;}

i digress...i have one very fond memory of a summertime water
balloon fight on our block...i even remember what i was wearing...
and just how the light looked.

to this day, when i see that kind of summer light, i get a flashback
to that golden day...and that blue top...and veinless legs
that didn't giggle...ah...those were the days, my friends!

do the light and sights and sounds of summer take you way
back to a time when you hadn't a care in the world...and your
401k still had value? {i know...what a buzz kill!}

when you rarely wore shoes and just had to be home when the
streetlights came on?
ahhhhh, summer...

SUMMER SNAPSHOTS @ The Starfish Blog


  1. Your pictures are beautiful and I know exactly what you are talking about with the sun's angle and the nightandmorninglowcloudsfollowedbyhazysunintheafternoon.

  2. Lovely post and gorgeous images!

  3. I love American Sweetheart Monax for it's lacey look and your photograph makes it look lacier!!! Beautiful,

  4. Oh yes... now i remember, thanks for reminding me....


  5. Ah yes, I remember......eating ice cream cones on the front porch steps with it all melty and running down your hands and arms, most of all I remember and love the shadows that come with Fall and the slant of the sun, we have seen a slight change in the sun, we will see more by the 12th of the month. Hugs....cleo

  6. Veinless legs.... Ah, those WERE the days! I have serious memory flashes whenever the seasons change. Those memories bounce all through the years.

    Thanks for the pretty pictures! ♥

  7. Beautiful photos. I remember spending nearly every minute of my childhood summer days roller skating up and down the street we lived on with the sun shining down on me. The feeling I had then is something I'll always remember. I love summer.

  8. Favorite sunny photo is the starfish! Just love that one. I feel like I just walked outside and looked at the sun. I have to remember this post in about 5 months. It would cheer me up again for sure

  9. Hello,

    These pics are so enchanting!


  10. Stunning pics!

    Susan and Bentley

  11. I still don't wear shoes...but i digress...lovely thoughts about days gone by and pretty pictures!

  12. Yes Summer days when I would spend the whole day at the beach. Boy was I tanned then.... when we didn't know any better.

  13. Great shots! I love that I can actually see the sparkle in your pictures!

  14. These are my favorite pictures I've ever seen on your website.


love to hear from you! ;}