August 28, 2011

Ring Around The Rosies...

so, I saw these little beauties on Pinterest by way of 100 Layer Cake
{word to the not click on that link! danger will robinson!
you will be lost for hours if you do! stop! turn back! ;}

since i have a few old novel pages around, i thought i'd give it
a whirl...{i couldn't bring myself to use the Pride & Prejudice
pages on an experiment of "iffy" i only used
Northanger Abbey...not sure what my BFF Jane was thinking
with that one! ;}

i generally deal in "ishes", although 100 layer cake gave fairly
thorough directions...i still had to do it my own lazy way...i eyeballed
a few "sizes" and made hash marks to use as my guide on the back
of a magazine...actually the magazine was on the floor, so i didn't
have to get up...that's why i used it! ;}

lots and lots of cutting for this one, girls! i had no idea what i was
getting into...or i would have just gone right back to bed!

many "petals" later, i had this. yes, that's right, i had a pile o' petals!
what had i gotten myself into!

and this is what the floor looked like. cutting into a bag or trash can
would have been an awesome idea...but again...i would have had to
get off the couch...i only have soooooooo much energy to expend in
in a day...unnecessary hunting and gathering is not allotted for!

next you start with the smallest petals...hotgluing them to the
wire "stem"...round and round you go! i found that of the
many skills i do possess...taking pictures of myself as i have
a glue gun in one hand and a fake rose in the other, is not one
of them! But that process actually goes by fairly speedily!

and then i had this.

yes, i's very wide and flat and completely lacking in
the realism that one naturally expects from a rose made of book
pages! ;}

here's another tip...use vintage paper...but not really vintage paper!
2 decades old...three tops! because when i was attempting to curl
my edges to make them oh-so-lifelike...all i really got was a lot of
rippytear! just a tad annoying!

even in its flat and hibiscus-like state, i still think it's pretty cool
looking! an entire bouquet would be fab...but i get tired just
thinking about it! maybe if i make one a month...then next summer
i will have some nice pictures for ;}

i guess i will need to invest in some more book pages too...
or find a new obsession!

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Jane & Lorenzo just wanted to pop in and wish the OC's own
Ocean View Little Leaguers a big fat CONGRATS for winning
the LL World Series!
Way to go boys!!!!!!


  1. Don't think I could ever pull that off, so will admire your pretty creations. You are very talented.

  2. LOL- How wonderful to see Jane and Lorenzo again!

    Love your little flat rose! Actually, she doesn't look flat at all to me~ She is just perfect. Were you able to make her lying in a completely prone position or was it too hard to hold the glue gun over your head? xo Diana

  3. I love that bouquet! That would make for a really darling wedding! Great job :)

  4. Wonderful flowers! I love using book pages for all kinds of projects. But I usually have to pick them up at the thrift store because I can't bear to tear apart any book I've read and owned for awhile.

  5. I love it. This would make a perfect centrepiece for a shower for a book-loving bride. I'd need about a dozen....if you start now....just suggesting.

  6. Oh how wonderful. What treasures you create!!! AND well done boys!!! Cathy

  7. I give you kudos for trying it and making it so well! I don't think I would have the patience, but I love the way they look.

  8. Hello,

    Love this book paper roses, stunning!


  9. It's always fun to drop by and see what you are up to! I think your rose is lovely and wouldn't have gotten off the couch either! Loved watching the LLWS this year and rooting for the USofA! Well done!

  10. These are beautiful! I saw them as well and passed them on to my future SIL who is have a vintage wedding!

  11. Wow that is so pretty!!! You did a wonderful job on your rose :) It does look like a ton of work but so fun!

  12. If I could make it out of news paper or flyers I might give it a try.....some day....but I haven't the heart to tear pages from a book. On second thought this looks like way too much work and I'd hate the cleanup. I'll be looking forward to seeing that bouquet next summer.

  13. It's ironic-I spent my weekend looking for tutorials on making fabric roses for Daughter's wedding bouquet. I found great ones to purchase on etsy but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted to "copy". Love how your rose turned out. Lots of cutting! Not sure I want to go there.

  14. Great work! And your rose looks like a full blown, mature rose, not wilty and flat, to me.
    I feel the same way you do, just thinking how labor intensive such a lovely little project could be. Maybe someone should create a series of punches, just for the purpose! That way, you and I might share in the fun without feeling pressed for time!

  15. i've always wanted to give these gorgeous paper roses a try. merci for the tips! i think yours turned out just FAB! oh excited about winning your giveaway! :)

  16. Wonderful! I don't think it looks flat to me...a bunch would look great in a vase ;0)

  17. These turned out so neat! I love to make fun things like this! I wonder if I could....!!! ♥

  18. I think your roses turned out amazing!

  19. Amazing roses! You are very talented!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  20. Your paper flowers are great. Thank you for the inspiration...I am off to start making a pile of paper clippings on my floor. Bobbie

  21. Love these roses. They are adorable and it looks like a lot of work but so worth it.

  22. These are fabulous, love the old book pages

  23. i think it looks fantastic!
    thanks for the tutorial.
    cheryl xox.

  24. I think it's gorgeous! Nice job!

    and congrats to your LL'ers!!

  25. Absolutely wonderful blog!
    I am an instant fan!

  26. What a beautiful bouquet and so nice of you to streamline the tutorial.

    I would be delighted if you would link up to Potpourri Friday which started this afternoon. An incentive: there's a giveaway!

  27. Great project and they look perfect. I saw the World Series so glad they won! Your picture is right after mine with my favorite things.

  28. Just gorgeous roses! A real unexpected and upscale bouquet.

  29. Looks like it takes a lot of patience and cleaning up afterwards but it turned out beautifully....Christine

  30. I think your rose came out just great.
    I will have to visit that website.
    Have a great holiday weekend.

  31. Just lovely!! And since you said we SHOULDn't go to that site, you know that we all HAVE to go so we blame you that nothing will get done around the house tomorrow!

  32. Way too cute! And I totally agree with your pinterest comment - that site is totally addicting. Nice to meet you!

  33. Ok- it was probably way beyond tedious to make this flower but the result is fantastic and LOL- I have those "what have I gotten myself into" thoughts on a very regular basis!


  34. You are too cute, love reading your posts and I just love that rose - wow - I want to try one too!

  35. Your blog is so cute, and so is this project (although as a bibliophile it pains me to see books destroyed, unless they are already slightly damaged, LOL)....

    Linking from 2805.

  36. I love your adorable Pride and Prejudice rose!

    Thanks for visiting my Jane Austen blog!

  37. Your rose is just gorgeous!!!! I made few but none of them came out as pretty as yours!!! And I llllloved the tea cup with all this glitter - it is soooo charming!!!

  38. What an awesome rose if I do say so. I think you did a great job, and where would one find the patience to put all those piece together. You did great.

  39. Dililgent and amazing and creative, and talented, and ...OK, the list goes on and on. Just wonderful, yours turned out beautifully, featuring this on VIF, xo Debra

  40. Wow Is all I can say since I'm obsessed with vintage paper anyway! Thanks for the tutorial and the tip on not using too old of paper. I would fall into that category! I'm guilty of clearing a whole book shelf of mine and repurposing it, umm books aren't safe with me I'm afraid! Great post! Hugs Marilou


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