August 10, 2011

I Have A Small Problem...

today i have a cold sore, somebody else's thighs were attached to
me during the night...and my hair is limp, lifeless and all together
unmanageable! {darn, there goes that Vogue cover shoot!}
and so, i thought i'd share this little banner with you...and share
my little problem...ok, another problem!
i am borderline obsessed with little things! i'm not really sure why...
i mean i haven't been little since...nah, i wasn't even little then!

since i have been discovering my inner cartographer lately and
using maps for this and the the other...mostly the other! I thought
i'd give the mini oc cottage a little spruce...for the summer...which
is now almost, i am lazy!

i know the clothes pins are wee bit too big... {they are 1"...has anyone
seen smaller ones available?} but since no one really lives here...
i thought i could be allowed a few liberties...
when decorating for imaginary little people...
yah, like a cold sore is my biggest problem!

Saturday Night Special @ Funky Junk Interiors


  1. Thought I'd give you a remedy for the cold sore, Lysine. OTC mineral. I usually that 1 a day bbut I will forget and get a dreaded sore. I'll then tat up to 4 - 6 a day and sore will be gone quickly. Can't hurt you and to keep from having them at all, take 1 a day. Hope this helps. Oh an HP lip balm. Helps heal over quicker.

  2. Hahahha, ah that was lovely to read this morning! I have a back spasm this morning and I am feeling very sorry for myself , I can hardly move and your post was just what I needed thank you. I feel your 'little' pain really I do!

  3. Cute idea. I love your little cottage! Hope your cold sore heals up fast.

  4. I googled it for you...what about 1 inch? Try Cute little banner!!

  5. Fun! Little things are fascinating, I agree...

  6. You are always so comical!! I love the little house and banner! Looks great! I have little clothespins that I got at Michael's or Joann's. I can send you some if you can't get them by you. Send your address to my email ( and I'll put them in tomorrow's mail. I have lots of pretty colors and I can spare them!!

  7. This is so cute (my crazy)and I mean that in the best possible way))friend!!!
    I get so many great ideas from you.
    I just don't know if I dare use maps for my bird house's a banner though. What if I use the wrong map and send them to Siberia for their new Winter home???
    You really do make my day!!!
    hugs from here...

  8. I have a help to shorten the life of your cold sore. And the next time you might feel one starting to tingle, take this tip asap to really shorten it's life.
    This is an over the counter amino acid, you can buy it a walgreen, walmart, any health related shop.It is called L-Lysine.
    I buy the 500 mg size { i think its mg }
    I take 4 when I feel a cold sore tingling. then 4 the next day then 3 the following day, then 2 from there on for a couple of days. Trust me, it will dry it up fast. And if you catch the next one fast enough, it will really keep it from getting out of hand...or lip.
    Hope this helps.

  9. What a cute doll house! I wonder if a doll house or miniature section would have smaller clothes pins?

  10. I have ALWAYS been fascinated by little things too...maybe because I was NEVER little...maybe I'll shrink into one of those little old ladies like my Gramma-Nahh...never mind...not happening~

    Did you ever read The Littles? They were published along with comics in the Sunday paper. I used to so wish they were real!

    Love your little banners and the clothespins look just fine to me..and I love your little house-xo Diana

  11. Very cute and clever idea for your post.

  12. You can get smaller than one inch clothespins here (I think they are anyway) and they're decorated with ladybugs and the like. Maybe too much color for your little cottage, and all you have to do is hop on a plane!

    I have limp hair and ... someone else's belly was attached to mine during the night (if it makes you feel any better).

  13. I love little mini things too! Your house is adorable with the banner. And to STOP a cold sore before it begins and starts to come out: As soon as you feel something, I read that you should dab an ice cube on the spot. I've tried it and, trust me, it works! I get cold sores all the time and 90% of the time when I do this, it either lessens tremendously or doesn't even come out. Try it! :)

  14. Hi Sweetie...
    I love this minature house and your banner is SO delightful. It looks like you had tremendous fun making it. Sorry to hear about the cold sore. I wish I had a remedy, however, I have never had one, so I can't help you there sweet friend.

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    Thank you sweetie for a wonderful post. I love it. Have a glorious weekend. Country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

  15. Wonderful! Awesome!
    Nice post! Informative comments!

  16. I have miniature issues as well. I have always loved em. I have some of these mini clothespins as well and they are the smallest I have seen. Love your little decorated cottage

  17. I just got the idea to hang quilts with clothespins, after seeing yours, THANKS !!! I wondered why I didn't sew the fabric tabs on last night.

  18. Brilliant idea.
    And You're very creative.

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  19. Well, it doesn't get any cuter than that! I haven't seen any smaller clothespins than those, sorry.
    Your inner cartographer! Ha!


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