July 10, 2011

Wish I Was Here...

It's about this time of year that I pull out the Christmas carols...again.
I have convinced myself that if I sing about sleigh rides, Frosty, and
snow...I will feel cold...
not quite so sweaty! ACK!

Apparently I am too hot to make anything, take pictures, edit or
come up with an interesting post...
yet not quite hot enough NOT to whine...or make an exceedingly
melodramatic mosaic...I am such a giver!

I am now going to open my armoire and punch through the back in the hope
that pine trees and snow will become visible...
but if they don't...I will just have to eat a popsicle with the freezer door open...
and maybe put some ice down my pants for good measure!

Hope it's mild, moderate and mellow...wherever you are!


Mosaic Monday @ The Little Red House


  1. uhhh..don't put the ice in the back of your pants because well....because it has a tendency to "hang" there and drip down..almost channeling down you might say. Don't ask me how I know this~ xo Diana

  2. Too funny! We have not had really hot weather for a couple of years but tomorrow is supposed to be hot and humid. We turned on the AC for the first time this summer today but if your'e cleaning or have the oven on, it's not that cool inside.
    Hope you find some relief soon!

  3. I have to admit I love bare trees in the snow just as much as I love a fully bloomed summer garden.
    Although I am NOT ready for snow yet! ha! It's only just been really warm here the past couple of weeks - I thought summer would never arrive. :)

  4. Oh, this is so lovely...and it actually made me feel cooler...for a moment! We are in a terrible heat wave. Hi temps in the 90s, heat index 100+. Tomorrow, the actual temp is supposed to hit 100 degrees. Hope you can stay a little cooler, too!

  5. Hi Sweetie...
    I am right there with you. I have been trying and trying to find rain, or someplace that is a little cooler than 118-120 degrees. Here in Phoenix, it is HOT and DUSTY. I am SO looking forward to cooler temps and FALL.

    If you find it in the back of the TV console, please let me know, I will check mine as well.

    Many hugs and much love from Phoenix, Sherry

  6. Oh my..I hope you get cooler weather soon. We have lovely warm weather here in Canada around 75 degrees today but our Spring took forever to come. Your Winter photos are lovely


  7. Go soccer team!!!

    You always make me smile....I was also thinking of snow today as it hit 90 here.....but nah, we had a brutal and long winter, we need this heat for awhile, but how about some rain would be nice!!!

  8. Beautiful pictures and images. Great work ! Best regards Synnöve

  9. Hello,

    Finally another person wishing for cold weather...I don't feel so bad now...:o)

    ~ Gabriela ~

  10. Big sympathy - up here in the North West it's cool and cloudy, 'though the sun is supposed to make an appearance later today. I'm cosy in my Cal Poly hoodie. (this was not to make you envious, just information, you understand!)

  11. If only we could package up our weather and exchange it somehow - ours is cool and drizzly. (Vancouver Island, Canada). I'd love a little heat.

  12. Oh girl, you need to travel up the coast! I'm just now recovering from Post Traumatic Stress from last winter! Ug! We've only had 2 days so far that could be considered hot. Summers here are generally hot- just not yet! I went for my first swim yesterday even though the water was cold and it was only in the 70s.

    Did you come see my pink mela dishes?

  13. It's miserable here too, sticky hot the kind that makes you feel like you need to take a shower 5 minutes after being outside. Even the lake is too hot to feel refreshing ;o(

  14. Love that Narnia picture! I actually hate to admit it but if I could walk through a closet to that scene, cool off and then be able to come back to Summer I'd be good. Horrible heat and humidity here {although today is not supposed to be as humid} and I have found myself thinking the same as you. I close all the shades at home in hopes it will help keep the house cooler and I'm sure it does help the a/c to not work as hard. Even with a/c I'm not really feeling doing much myself!

  15. These are lovely! Such a breath taking view! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  16. I am right there with you baby! This heat is killing me...I think it is the humidity that we aren't used to in Calif. that is harder to deal with!
    I am off to put ice down my shirt and watch Chocolat that always makes the world seem cooler!


love to hear from you! ;}