July 30, 2011

Surly Teens!

This is my Sammy...
a very skinny...
very small...
very demanding torty!

She has always been a bit quirky...
she's afraid of the rain, but runs to the door and
meows when anyone knocks or the mailman comes.
And she is a bit too fond or "writhing"!

She also prefers to travel by way of the backs of chairs...
no matter how precarious...she was obviously born to be
in the circus!

And she has a pretty darn surly disposition!
A first I thought it was because she was holding
a grudge about this bath...note the eyes!
Whewwwwww! If looks could kill!

But I believe the arrival of this one...and his mere existence
is what began the downward spiral of all things surly!

Well...I suppose he could be a tad annoying!

And ever-present!

OK...so, he was a bit of a brat!

I think this was the final straw though...

Can you see the daggers flying from her eyes??!

So, she likes to lay where she wants to lay...
{#1 spot is BETWEEN me and my laptop!}
dismantle blinds if she wants to see out the window...
and sasses a blue streak if you tell her "no!"

But she is still my pretty girl...who has all her perfect
kitty poses down pat! So, what I am I going to do?
Yes...Nothing...nothing at all! ;}

{the thing she hates THE most is whistling...she will come
from any part of the house to make her feelings known
should I DARE to pucker up...she smacks me...
right on the mouth...}

{I know this is the worst quality video EVER...but you get
the idea...major cat-itude! So, you know if you don't see a
post from me for a while...it just might be because I dared to
whistle Dixie a bit to loudly! ;}


  1. Being one of the world's biggest cat lovers of all times, I LOVED this post! My favorite picture was where the kitten had it's paws around Sammy's neck. I have seen that site many times in my day...as we used to always have an older cat and a kitten. Thanks for putting a smile on my face! :)


  2. I call that CATtitude! Love it! And, you have a sweet new baby too...awwwww...#1 will come around in time (I hope). Love the way she is looking at the baby like she would kill if she dared!

    And, my son's cats come when he whistles...He secretly wanted a dog- xo Diana

    ps..finally-someone that is as bad a videotaping as I am---just sayin...

  3. I have one just like her and she owns the place. No way I could ever give her a bath! LOL!
    Cute post.


  4. What a funny post. I love cats. Yours has quite a purr-sonality and so does the little one.

  5. Funny! And, I have to admit I love the little pink bed.

  6. lol You've gotta love kitty cats! I have a tortie, and although she has gotten older and mellowed some, she still has a major case of tortitude! Happy weekend...hugs..Debbie

  7. This is hilarious! I've had a few like this. I had one black cat that when I would raise my voice for any reason she would be all over me. worried I guess. they are all so different. Love the word
    "cat-itude"!! What would we do without 'em? xoxo Debra

  8. Dearest M,

    Oh, they can be SO demanding! I had to remove mine when they did my TV interview (just posted it). Can't have them constantly talking in-between! They're fun though and we love them to death.
    Enjoy your furbabies and have a great Sunday!



  9. Silly kitties, giggle. My husband loves cats. He always had one growing up. Unfortunately I am allergic. This post is wonderful I will share it with my sweet husband. Hugs

  10. This will go down as one of my all time favorite posts in blogland M. Sammy is a love and we have something in common...I hate whistling too! My husband is constantly whistling and it drives me crazy. I wonder if a clawed paw across the mouth would work on him too???
    LOVE this cat!!!!!!

    I also got this mysterious package yesterday. You spoil me (and your cats)
    sending hugs from here...

  11. Oh I had to come back and tell you that my husband just got back from a cattle drive a few weeks ago and I had to show him the video of 'herding cats' on your blog. He LOVED it! Now he wants to show all his friends.

  12. I missed so many cute posts while away.

    So these are your babies huh?

  13. I used to have a kitty like her. She hated baths too -- I wish they didn't -- it would make life with kitty so much easier!

  14. Oh, this is hilarious! We too have a big sister cat who became somewhat crankier when a younger kitty came to live with us. We still love them both, the older diva, and the younger one who can't help but be the baby, no matter how old she gets.

  15. We have a kitten now and our older cat, Kitty Anne hates her! I think Kitty Anne thinks it's her kitten and she thinks, "HEY, I'm supposed to be done with that mess! I'm fixed!" The poor kitten isn't allowed to come near her but yet Kitty Anne taught her how to hunt- faithfully catching mice for her every day. :)

    We use whistling as a cat round up tool. Works every time! Actually, I think it hurts their ears. :(


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