July 31, 2011


wandering...meandering...lollygaging about in Bloglandia
as i occasionally do, i see things...

lots and lots of things!
things i want...things i have...things i want until i remember
that i already have them...things that are cute...things i could
make myself for waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper!
do you ever have this conversations with yourself?
"what?! how much?!!!!"
"not hardly!"
{sorry, that escaped from the part of my brain that is
still holding on to jr. high!}
"get outta town and take a bus...i can make that myself!"
ok...maybe you wouldn't use those exact words, because maybe english
isn't your first language or maybe because you were never a teen-
age girl living in Cali...but you get my meaning. And you would have
had the same reaction when you saw a frame used as a dry-erase
message board...
pay for that? nuh-uh!
even lazy girls have to man-up and exert when it comes to
squandering the cold hard cash that could be better spent on
a spicy chicken sandwich combo at chick-fil-a{extra polynesian
sauce, please!; }is being jeopardized!

and i have to admit, when i spotted this on PINTEREST , the 1st, 2nd & 30th time, i
didn't even pin it...
it all seemed pretty badda-ding to me...at first blush!
a frame...
cute paper...
a dry-erase marker...
how hard can that be?
badda bing!
{and feel free to use my signature flaming hot cheeto shooter-
on-the-half-shell at your next soirée...it just screams classy, no? ;}

but for someone...uh-hem, namely moi...
who has spent the better part of a decade buying a cute
frame, promptly divesting it of its innards and then
painting it white...ok, sometimes pink...i had a doozy
of time finding one single solitary frame that still had
the original glass in it!

but when i finally did...i just went to town!
i used vintage wallpaper...bits & scraps that we semi-hoarders
and even a cute map print from The Graphics Fairy...
{how sad is that? i don't even have a thomas guide to cut up!}
seriously as easy-peasy as they come!
for long lists...or short reminders...you can match your decor
in two shakes of a lamb's tail!
and still have $$ to spare for life's necessities...like Fiddle Faddle! ;}

and one little f-your-i...
don't just use those dry-erase markers on white boards and
plates! anything with a nice smooth surface is fair game!
use your imagination and go wild!!! ;}

{for many more examples with WAY better pictures...i am feeling so
nikon-challenged lately, i couldn't "shoot" the broad side of a barn!...
check THESE out!}

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  1. I do the same thing! Once I find out how much something costs, I usually find a way to do it myself...unless it involves sewing or metalcraft. lol.

  2. So flipping cute- Every single frame...and those chicks? Well, they are really tweet! xo Diana

  3. I have those birdies too! Never thought to write on them! Clever idea!


  4. i luv getting creative by reducing the cost of items...
    I'm inviting you to join our linking party every Wednesday at
    Have a fabulous week,

  5. Those are really cute! I could do that. For cheap! Love your blog!

  6. LOL...I have some of those same thoughts! I want it, I have it, I can make it, I want it! LOL!!

  7. I finally got my "commentor" problem resolved so wanted to say - How tweet your post is today.

  8. First I love how you change up your header and this one is probably my favorite!!
    This is a great idea and I like the one with the map!

  9. Love that idea!I have frames...I have markers...why not I say!!

  10. I have this pinned and keep thinking how easy it would be to do...but haven't yet. This would have been even quicker than the two projects I did for the challenge :) Oh well, maybe fall.

  11. Ah! I never knew! Thanks for the idear! (I'll skip the cheetos) ♥


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