July 17, 2011

She Makes Too Many Birds, Don't She...

Pretty bird!
{am I the only one who thinks of Dumb & Dumber when they hear that phrase?
Maybe that's something I should keep to myself... ;}

Sorry about this tiny picture... Oriental Trading just does not
make copyright infringement easy...quite snooty of them! Do they
not know that I "infringe" because I care? Sheesh!
So, when I saw these little birdie ornaments with their long dangly legs
and button feet...I knew they would be mine. But those colors gave me
paws...I mean pause. I thought I might as well try to flatteringly imitate them...
before I bought them...$6.25 is $6.25 people! That's
2 bags of Flaming Hot Cheetos...a gallon and 1/2 of gas {depending
on the day} or a bacon cheese burger combo meal at my favorite divy
burger joint...I do have my priorities!

And luckily...they do provide an alternative shot in which they show
all the parts included in the kit...I had to take a real picture of my
laptop screen to show you though...because OT has never learned to
share! Anyway, with this shot I was able to place a piece of paper
right on my screen and trace the shapes {don't tell Steve Jobs I did
that though! I did it gingerly...I promise!}

Next I made a template from pilfered cardboard...
traced and cut out shapes on various remnants of
pretty papers that I haven't thrown away because I
never throw things away because they can always be
used for something...and, oh, yah...I am a borderline
hoarder! ;}

The I rummaged around in all this...no, I didn't find Jimmy Hoffa!

And then dug through some of these...
{are you beginning to see why I didn't participate in the
Where Blogger's Create party? Because I can't afford to
send smelling salts to everyone who might read one of
my posts! ;}

So, with cutting, rummaging, digging...a break...a nap...a cookie...
all done. This is what I came up with...for free.

A happy little blue guy!
{I'd be happy too if I could spend my whole day in a pink frame...
instead of binding jeans!;}

An homage to Miss Austen...an Emma bird!

Although...I don't know if my cutting up pages of her books to make
trifling little birdie doodles would endear me with Jane...but just in case...
let's just keep this little episode on the down low, ok!

This one is a girl...all pink and flourishy!

A little preppy guy with rick-rack legs! Who among you can resist
rick-rack legs!

A perfectly "scripted" little tweeter courtesy of the gracious Graphics Fairy
who, bless her heart, does not get all hung up on such copyright puhfoodle!

A very HAPPY turquoise guy who is ready for summer!

I like how he looks with that bright pink frame, so a smaller version
of him just might end up in there...so very perky!

And lastly {did I hear a hallelujah??!!} a musical birdie because I
can not resist the sheet music...when I like something...I LIKE IT!

Even though I am 5 trends behind...I sill stick with it! I have never
been accused of being a trend setter...I am still wearing saddleback
Dittos for Pete's sake! ;}

Tags for presents?

A bookmark...with those little mother-of-pearl button feet
hanging out of your book?

Or even the ornaments that they were originally intended to be?
{how boring! ;}

Let's see...who will I "flatter" with my imitation next? Hmmm...
{and if I end up in the hoosegow which one of you will bring me
a cake with a nail file in it??!! ;}

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  1. pffffftttt...to Oriental Trading. Your birds have a preppy panash that you can't get in that mag!

  2. Adorable!

    I am seeing some Partridges in Pear Trees at Christmas in the future!

  3. Very very sweet - and imitation is the highest form of flattery. Just tell them that.

  4. Well done you so cute ;-)) And in a way free to even better. Really like the pink one and the blue such pretty colours. Have a great week, dee x

  5. So clever ..... And I will be copying YOU...copying THEM. ;-)


  6. Love the birds. Very creative. You can never have too many :)

  7. They are so cute and you did a great job. Love the gift tags. Hope you have a wonderful week:)

  8. I found your blog through Bird/Like
    and I love your birds. I'm having a giveaway which ends tomorrow for a wire bird pendant if you like to throw you name in the hat. Look in the archives for the blogiversary giveway.

  9. Oh I adore those...I may just have to break out the tracing paper....

  10. Ahh I love them I think the book mark idea is wonderful - thank you for sharing. Sorry you didn't take part in the party, but now that I have found you I think I would like to be a follower!

  11. you can never have to many cute birds. You r post made me feel happy. Hugs!

  12. These are just too stinkin' cute!!

  13. I don't think you can have too many birdies especially when they are to cute!
    Deb :)

  14. You are hilarious...plus the birds are really cute!

  15. I will-I will- I am always good for a file-or better yet-how about a shiv? Hmmm...that might be tricky to sneak in and I am not fond of body cavity searches-although I have never had one-I think that is one experience I would just as soon forego. So..then...a file it is..but, if someone else comes along with the same offer consider my offer rescinded-no sense in two of us going under.

    Oh yeah-before I forget- LOVE the birds...REALLY CUTE! $6.95? Robbery! xo Diana

  16. Oh I REALLY like these. Too cute. I just made some birdy bed curtains for my daughter and have been wondering what artwork I can hang on her wall. I think you've just inspired me!
    Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  17. You made my day. Trying to get my carpet shampoorer to work no luck I quess time for new. So you made me smile. They are so dang cute.

  18. "Pretty Bird" is totally Dumb and Dumber. Great movie. Your little birdies are very sweet. Love the little scrabble tile touch too.

  19. You are such a hoot! I love reading your blog. Love, love, love the birdies. And saddleback Dittos! That brings me back to Jr High. I loved my saddleback Dittos. Alas, my fat booty would not look good in them today. And finally, what kind of cake would you like?

  20. so very cute...ric rack legs and all

  21. I am in love with your beautiful birds! And your blog. So fresh fun creative and entertaining. I loved reading your post and am headed back for more. Found you through Bird/Like.
    And yea - if I ever have time to read a book again I would LOVE to see little buttons attached to ric rac birdie legs hanging out of it for a book mark :)

  22. What a cute project! Great job! Thanks for sharing. Yes, imitation is the highest form of flattery! Love your creative space.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)


love to hear from you! ;}