July 15, 2011

I Got A Million Of 'Em!

The purging of all things pink and picture -esque continues...
but I have miles to go before I sleep! And the fact that I
keep getting distracted by my own "oohhh's & aahhh's" is
not aiding in the speeding picture purging process!
And then of course, I have to stop and make a mosaic...
I swear...I have the attention span of a gnat! I should
be finished sometime in 2013...or so! ;}

Pink Saturday @ How Sweet The Sound


  1. I'm in LoVe with all of them together,
    What a beautiful mosaic !

  2. Aww I love the mosaic, everything is so girly and pretty!
    I know exactly what you mean, it's the same everytime I decide to dust our book shelf. It taked forever because I start to browse every single book, flip to favourite events in the story and so on ;D

  3. Lol....I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has the attention span of a gnat!! It's so much fun to ooooh and aaaaah....even if it is your own stuff!!!

  4. Well, at least you will have pictures of all your treasures to drool over (literally) when you are in your advanced senior years!;>) xo Diana

  5. You can keep these coming all day long! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    xo Tami

  6. Can see why you get slowed down with these pretty in pink pics! Why the pink purge?
    xo Cathy

  7. Oh! I think I would be hard-pressed to part with any of them. I need to work on the same thing and prepare for a new computer. This one is practically on life support and I keep procrastination because of the work of deciding what to bring with me and what to leave behind - argh!!

  8. beautiful as ever!!! i too, get sidetracked by all of the FAB eye candy out there... wayyy too often!!!
    happy day!

  9. I should never, never, never come visit you before bedtime M! Especially when I am behind so far on your posts. I get the want me's so bad that I can't sleep. Not to mention I go to bed wondering how you can be so consistantly funny! Like the post about finding your way through the wardrobe just to get cool. Wouldn't it just be easier to go to Home Depot and get an air conditioner? I mean you could run into that nasty witch witch or somethin'.
    Anyways, I love your beautiful mosaic and all the gorgeousness in all the posts I read tonight.
    hugs from here...

  10. I must have missed something. Why oh why would your purge everything pink?

  11. Well you are the Queen of beautiful pictures!! Actually- you probably have MORE than a million of em!! This latest misuse is gorgeous!!


love to hear from you! ;}