July 9, 2011

Hey Cupcake!


Now, I may be late to the party again on this one...
as I usually am...Ok, so I'm not Pink...but maybe, for
at least one or two of you {out of the entire 10 of you
who endure me on a regular basis! ;} ...I can say, "Let's
get this party started!"

WOW!. That's SO not me, is it??!
So, howz about I just say, "I just discovered this A-dorable blog
that you have to see...if, by chance, you haven't already!" ?
Geez! that was wordy and awash with superfluous punctuation!
I think Pink could have said that in 4 words...one of which would
have been naughty! She is so gifted! ;}

Pink's gifts aside... LINDA @ CALL ME CUPCAKE has quite a
gift of her own that lies somewhere between magical and heaven sent!

What? Does thou think I gushesth too much?
Well, hang onto your girdle, Minerva!
Just wait until you pop over to her BLOG see
ALL of her amazing creations!

You will be smitten too by this little Swedish temptress!
{Who is also in a band! Is there something beyond "Type A" ??!!}

And then you will be hungry!

And then you will be gobsmacked...

And then...you might just weep!

Not only does LINDA make such gorgeous delights...

she also provides detailed recipes...

step by step tutorials...like for these FONDANT RUFFLED FLOWERS ...
{she even makes it look simple...but you try it then just tell me, ok! ;}

AND she takes some of THE prettiest darn pictures that I have ever seen!

HELLO! Love this!

It's a cross between SARAH & JUNE ...but with FOOD! ;}

Who could ask for more!

So, when you have a spare sec...ok, more like a spare hour...
pop on over to CALL ME CUPCAKE for one BIG eyeful of pretty!

Oh, and did I mention that I ADORE the name of her blog too!
So saucy!

Pink Saturday @ How Sweet The Sound

She did THIS for a friend's party!
Kil-ling me!


  1. wow, thats a whole lot of beautiful and a whole lot of talent too!

  2. Happy Pink Saturday. After I went and typed up my comment, the page went and got an error. Now, had I written? I saw all the pinks on your sidebar and wondered if you'd done it up for PS, especially because you indicated, somewhere in your post, something 'so not you'... Pink? I saw on your profile, not so, since it seems you love pink. Enjoyed your post and sentiments! Thanks, Happy PS! Jenn (Now let's see if I outsmarted the error page!)

  3. That is what I call true artistic talent! I bet it is all so yummy too! I m going to browse those recipes. You are a doll to share with us. HPS to you! Anne

  4. Thanks for recommending the blog! I went over there and the pictures are amazing! Great pick!!!! :)

  5. OH MY GOSH!!! It is all so incredibly delectable looking!! WOW - I want a party like this too!! My 21st wedding anniversary is this month, maybe I can "steal" a few of the ideas...ha, ha. Thanks for sharing, have a fun pink weekend!

  6. OK...that's just incredible...and a little unfair too...no one should be that talented...

  7. WOW WOW WOW one very talented lady. That pink and white spotty cake is a complete work of art, so many beautiful colours. Just wonderful thank you for sharing. dee x

  8. Wowza! What delightful pics! I'll just focus on the flowers in the crate, though! I've lost 15 pounds since Mother's Day and I want to lose more by my 50th birthday! ♥

  9. Holy Cow!!! I went over to visit her blog and almost forgot to come back! I have never seen such beautiful cake creations in my life...now THAT is artistry...pure and simple art! Love her blog-thanks for giving us the link to the site. You are a good scout! xo Diana

  10. She's an artist, I tell you! I'm going to her blog and drool for a while - thanks for sharing!

    Mary @ Redo 101

  11. I would love to be able to create such gorgeous edible desserts!! :)

  12. beautiful!!!!! thanks for sharing. Your blog brightens my daze.

  13. The sweet treats and your blog are breathtaking! I'd love for you to share this post today at



  14. I just discovered your blog...and now i'm half fallen off my chair with delight at the gorgeous cupcakes and the thought of eating them... wonder if your 'OC' is my former home in southern Cal... anyway, i'm your newest follower!

  15. oh my...how does a cupcake artist and sweets lover like myself thank you for showing me the way to this great blog you featured??? I keep thinking I have seen it all...but clearly not. THANKS!


love to hear from you! ;}